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Flight of the Rana'vr

Around seven hundred years ago a schism occurred on the island of Araqar. A group known as the Rana'vr wanted to leave and explore the world outside of their island. The Council of Nine wanted to continue pursuing their isolationist mentality and had been blocking travel out of the island which the Rana'vr wanted to break. They denied the Rana'vr's exit from the island and threatened to imprison them.

The Rana'vr were outraged and launched a revolt against the Council. They stole ships from ports around the island and used powerful Control Weather magics to calm the storm around the island for a short time as well as create a large fog bank to cover their escape.

They then landed in Marsir Eyjariki, the Konungr was sympathetic to their plight and granted them amnesty from any retaliation from Araqar. Araqar threatened war and in a legendary response the Konungr said "Ye can't have yer elves back they're mine, ye can have me 'nan though." His aunt was a vampire who proceed to attack any Araqarian ship seen in the seas around Marsir Eyjariki.

The after a short stay in Marsir Eyjariki the Rana'vr went their separate ways throughout Útgarðar. They split into family units, friends, or groups wanting to go the same place. A generation has past since them and, with the absence of the Emerald Sun, the new breed of Mainland High Elves was born. Their numbers are still few but they are spreading rapidly and the number of half-elves on the continent has increased a hundred fold from previous numbers.

More information on Mainland Elves can be found in Races in Útgarðar.
  • Mainland Elves are still banded from the island but relations have cooled down a bit, just a little.
  • The ships used in the flight from Araqar can still be found around the seas. They are usually used as merchant ships or, in rare cases, pirate and raiding crafts.
  • The ballad of the flight was composed into an epic poem by Aneth Vallne, elvish skald.
"How admirable of the elves, it is nice to get out once in a while. I would know."

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