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The Archive of Times

Brief Overview

The Archive of Times is a divine artifact that was forged by Einghast, god of craft, and gifted to Serasevahti, goddess of knowledge.
The artifact itself is a massive book which upon turning each page, has the history of a specific time on the left page, and a door on the right page. The door on the right page leads into the exact instance of time as the beginning of the historical entry on the left page, allowing someone to pass through into that time period. Once a person walks through the door they will appear in the time period chosen without the book. The only way to leave the time period is if the person was smart enough to memorise the final passage of the left pages historical entry. Speaking the final sentence out loud will cause the book to fast forward the person to the end of the entry, which then pushes them back through the door and into their original time period.
This does not function as a closed instance of time. Events can in fact be altered, however, this will create a branch in the current timeline where the changes will take place in instead of your original timeline. This implies that the original timeline is absolute, and cannot be altered. For a "tailor of time" to reach the desired time-altering effect, the person would have to alter the past and then find a way to travel to the branched future. This can usually only be achieved by remaining in the time period where the changes were made.

General Overview

Serasevahti is lawful goddess, and as such uses this artifact to travel to different time periods throughout Eden in order to document its histories accurately. She has sworn by the book that she has never, and will never intentionally alter a historical event, only using the archive for its intended purposes.
Throughout the years many have tried to steal the Archive from Serasevahti only to find that she carries it on person, and is no pushover. In the early years there were three occasions where a person almost stole her Archive, and when this happened she shared with them so much knowledge at once time that it became beyond their comprehension. They received such a large amount of new information that it drove them eternally mad.
After the first time her Archive was almost taken, Serasevahti placed a curse upon her artifact causing it to react the same way as she did to a strangers touch. She named the curse, "The Knowledge of Eternity" which initially only compelled scholars and historians to seek it out more, that is, until they received its boon.
"Knowledge is power, but power can only safely be attained in small doses, lest you lose control of that which you have "earned." Information is no exception."
She now carries the Archive on person and safeguards it carefully as her most prized possession in order to make sure it can never fall into the wrong hands.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The spine of this book is a special scale fitted with an unstable aether tube which is re-stabilized by the Tarite tube caps. The scale itself is taken from a dragon-like creature that exists as a specific breed of Eldergen called a "Tymwyv". Only one of these creatures exists in all timelines, and each individual scale on it is a portal to a different point in time throughout every possible timeline. Einghast, god of crafts was able to modify the single scale he stole with a special rune allowing it full access his current Edens history, and then he fit the other parts in, building the book itself around the scale. The size function, however, is the books cover. The flesh of a Titan, capable of changing its size at will. Since it no longer has a will of its own it functions based off of the users will instead.

Manufacturing process

He had to build it in the supermassive black hole at the center of the The Vitetae vortex in a place that bent time so as it was created, the present time didn't affect the scales ability to process and print Edens timeline throughout the books pages. After that, he marked it with an elder rune to set his specific timeline, and bribed the goddess of Time herself to permit him to run it through the timestream in the fourth dimension so it could fully reconnect to the timeline after the scale had been separated from the Tymwyv.


Creator: Einghast, the god of crafting created the Archive of Times. Shortly after its creation, he used it as a courtship gift to win the affections of Serasevahti. Because she was a purely analytical being, she saw no reason to deny him. Since then, Serasevahti has held the Archive of time closely in order to make sure it remains in the right hands.

Owner: Serasevahti, the goddess of knowledge accepted this gift from Einghast with his terms for a divine bonding ritual. She had never intended to bond with another god, though after much thought she had decided the Archive was a worthy price for her hand. After the death of Einghast, Serasevahti continued to keep her Archive close. This was not sentimental, it was detrimental to Edens well being.


In the right hands as it has been, it is used only to document the histories of Eden. The book is used only by Serasevahti and it allows her to travel to distant times in order to accurately document Edens history without having to rely on the word of the victors, or the simple hearsay of creatures who lived the events.
On the other hand, in the wrong hands this book could effectively collapse the timelines, or an even worse outcome is the sudden bleeding effect of the fourth dimension fusing into the third. Dealers choice.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
74 BN
Current Holder
Legendary. There is only one of this artifact and though many have tried, it cannot be recreated.

Mortal Weight: 5 lb - Titan Weight: 14 tons
Mortal Dimensions: 7"x10" - Titan Dimensions: 17ft by 30ft
Base Price
2.7 million kye
Raw materials & Components
  1. Tymwyv scale.
  2. The cover is the flesh of a titan.
  3. Aether.
  4. A thin glass tube for the aether.
  5. Tarite forged caps for the tube.
  6. The ink is a mixture of Echidnas tears and the blood of a Quetzalcoatl.
  7. And the glue is a substance that resembles Gobbler mucus, called Curfur that much like aether and tarite, exists only in Taegate.
A knife, a needle, the materials, and some special glue. Einghast does not need much to craft at a legendary level, he's the god of crafts. The guy could use a stick and still turn up a masterpiece.

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