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Brief Overview

The religion based around the worship of Geodea, the goddess of creation, and her domains. Geodea rules over the Heavens, and watches over Eden as her most favored creation. She is known to be a "hands on" deity who regularly speaks and sends signs to those who place their faith in her, but only after their resolve has been tested.

General Overview

Easily one of the most commonly spoke of religions, it is also one of the most controversial due to the degree of devotion which is expected from Geodeas faithful. One could travel to any kingdom and still hear word of the Geodians and their efforts to appease their goddess, however, the best and most efficient way to please her is to create, just as she has. This is accomplished by pairing up with a mate and procreating to produce the next generation of offspring, who will be raised to worship Geodea as well due to their upbringing.

Demography and Population

To date, Geodea has close to 1.4 billion worshippers, not all of which reside in thier holy kingdom Oodam.


Other religions are recognized by the Geodians, though never worshipped, however, worshipping, acknowleging, or even speaking of the Forsaken children is considered forbidden for Geodians.

Mythology & Lore

Her Fallen

Geodea was pleased after the nurturing of humanity and made it known with a bountiful harvest. Unfortunately, this is when the Unholy Oppugner first defied Geodea, convincing the Divine Servants that they had been done a great injustice by not being gifted with the power of choice. Free will. This caused a few servants to question their faith. In response the great goddess devised a set of holy trials that each servant had to complete before they were forgiven for this discretion, and then she cast them all from the Heavens. She decreed that only the truly worthy would be allowed to ascend back into the warmth of her light.


Her Forsaken

They fell for 21 days and Geodeas commandment was only those who completed their tasks would be summoned back to Heaven as one of her Forgiven, the most coveted of her children. It is said that this is when the Unholy Oppugner tainted one of Geodeas fallen servants and twisted his mind, and that is when Lucifer was born.
Then Lucifer crawled into the bowels of Eden and began to rot it from within with his fires of pride and envy. Lucifer left with most of the unclaimed servants, dragging them to Hell and re-branding them as his Forsaken. As the Forsaken entered Hell the feathers of their wings turned to ash in the final act of forsaking their old god while dawning the new. After this, the First of humanity, Evelynn ate the forbidden fruit and Geodea turned her back into nothing but dirt. Adam in his rage cast Geodea aside and turned into the first of the four horsemen, famine. The rest of humanity was cast out from the Garden for the sins of their forefather and forced to forage and toil in the soils of Eden, no longer trusted with the beauty of its Garden.


Her Wrath

One day humanity was whispered Geodeas will and they began to rejoice in worship. They built a priesthood and an order of templars to protect and enforce their beliefs. Unfortunately, by the 13th of Twi, -832 BN, the Templars Reckoning had begun and Geodea became increasingly active with her followers. The best example of this is when her divine intervention laid waste to the lands bordering the mountains of the Whispering woods, which is currently known as Rose lake.
The prayers of a man named Paterick Reklan reached the goddess as he pleaded for salvation after the Order of Templars was wiped out via a mass execution, which was plotted when a crooked king lured them all to Komor and branded them heretics, sentencing them to death during the Templars reckoning. In response Geodea sent a shower of meteors into the crooked kings capital, Komor, and four neighboring cities. She decimated them all as an example of what happens when her devout are disrespected in such a fashion.


Her Sanctuary

After this event Geodea graced Eden with her presence and participated in the War of Gods after claiming Oodam as her religious outpost & capital. Oodam later grew to become a Geodian kingdom, governed by the Geodian Priesthood, and the New Order of Templars.
Initially upon arrival Geodea was frustrated that her will had been misinterpreted and her holy tablet had been tampered with. To safeguard it, Geodea placed a curse on her own tablet so that anyone who touched it would have the flesh melt from their bones.


Her Battle

Geodea fought and had slain two gods in the war before the final war horn sounded. It is said that it rang out across all of Eden, summoning the pantheon to their final battle. When each god arrived at Freys Oasis, (currently known as The Red Desert) a full scale titan battle broke out destroying Abels gates, the mountains dividing Freys Oasis and the kingdom of Brelok (Modern day Furystrom). In the midst of battle Geodea and Lucifers power collided with such force that it expanded like a star on its final breath. The explosion super heated all the sand in Freys Oasis and turned it to red stained glass, made red only by the bitter bloods spilt upon its sands. It sent a shock wave so vast that it rolled out for thousands of kilometers, killing most life from the epicenter all the way to Brelok and Amnestra (The modern day Valley of mist). These areas are now mostly waste lands, deserts, or mist.
Geodea, the great goddess perished in the blast and her death sealed the lock on the Omnigate, trapping any god who didn't die in their own realms and leaving Eden to peace once more in Geodeas good graces. Many believe if they gift her holy servants, the Forgiven, enough gold to fill her veins back up that perhaps one day Geodea could rise again.

Divine Origins

The practice of the Geodian religion is thought to have begun in the late -3000's BN, when Geodea began whispering in the ears of mortals. This historical statement is grounded by evidence which was uncovered in ruins discovered on the western coast of Tundarus containing a prayer related to their practices. After appraisal the engravement was revealed to be from that same era. The prayer reading;

She our holy goddess who guides us to the light, our bodies, our souls.
A promise of both protection, and an ode to an afterlife of paradise at her side.
She who guides us through our darkest of times. Praised be our divine savoir, mother to all.
We give thanks to she who ensures the eternal well being of those whos souls remained unstained.

Since then many tomes, scrolls, and even songs of the Geodians and their devotion to their goddess could be found littered across Birtham.

Cosmological Views

The Geodians believe that Geodea birthed the planet Eden as her first of many creations. Then from her lonely tears came the sea's, filled with tiny lifeforms within it. Born from her divine breath, the winds and storms danced across Edens surface, and that is how the natural elements were born. (Geodea did not consider fire to be a natural element)
Several Divine Servants were then created to oversee Eden and all of its inhabitants, each modelled after Geodeas first and only immaculate conception in which she birthed the unholy oppugner, the true creator of Lucifer himself.
This was when Geodea realized the true potential of humanity. She cultivated the life forms founded by her tears, and from that humanity was born. Gifted with the ability to rise from the seas and take to the Gardens to rival Geodeas earlier creations.

Tenets of Faith

Geodea chose 7 tenets and seven holy virtues, each embodied by seven of her most holy Forgiven. She stated these tenets while on Eden during the War of Gods, and her will was as follows; 

1.) No Geodian shall worship another god.
2.) None shall speak the name of the Forsaken, or his children.
3.) None will take their goddess name in vain.
4.) All mortals must perpetuate their true purpose.
5.) Honor all birth givers, creators of life and closest to she whom is holy.
6.) No life I have created may be taken.
7.) Once bound in the eye's of divinity, none shall stray.

When Geodea surfaced on Eden she told her following that she wished for not only her tenants of faith to be followed, but that her virtues be practised by each Geodian in their own right. Her virtues were designed to keep her devout from straying too close to sin, as such, her virtues opposed Lucifers sins in the following manner;
Geodeas Virtues Lucifers Sins


Geodeas tenets broken down, a Geodian code to ethics.

1.) No Geodian shall worship another god.
This is fairly straight forward, By this Geodea means that you may acknowledge the other gods, but you may not worship them. This doesn't specifically mean not to be respectful to the gods of other domains, just don't give them prayers or offerings lest you offend Geodea.
2.) None shall speak the name of the Forsaken, or his children.
This directly specifies Lucifer without calling him out by name. No Geodian is ever supposed to speak the name of Lucifer, a Forsaken, or any of the forsaken children. Saying the name of a Forsaken child is frowned upon but you are able to repent, however if you speak the name of a Forsaken or Lucifer your name will be stricken from the golden scroll. (The V.I.P list at Heavens gates)
3.) None will take their goddess name in vain.
Don't say her name in a derogatory term, she will smite you. She is not above this.
4.) All mortals must perpetuate their true purpose.
This has been interpreted many ways throughout the years but Geodea specified while on Eden that a mortals purpose in life is to create, just as she has. She demands that each Geodian save themselves for the holy binding in which they are bound to their partner in the eyes of both Geodea and Amare. Then they are to procreate as much as their fertility will allow, to have more than 3 children means you have been blessed by the goddess of creation in Geodian culture.
5.) Honor all birth givers, creators of life and closest to she whom is holy.
Treat mothers and nurtures with respect and revere them for their contribution to life. Mothers are highly respected in any Geodian settlement and treated as active members of society. (Which they are.)
6.) No life I have created may be taken.
This one is a little tricky, see she is actually being very vague and yet incredibly specific at the same time. A Geodian may not take the life of anything directly created by Geodea herself. Most Geodians simply will not kill in order to avoid risking eternal damnation but the Templars are known to have been given express permissions to take lives in Geodeas name.
Another thing to note, cannibalism is included in this rule regardless of the circumstances. Eating the flesh of another person will forbid your soul from entering heaven.
7.) Once bound in the eye's of divinity, none shall stray.
Once you are bound in holy matrimony, there is no legal out. Not for Geodians. They pair up seeking the other half of their soul in order to create as this is the highest form of respect any mortal could pay to her holiness. If you chose the wrong mate, Geodea does not sympathize and instead remarks that you must not have been a devout enough Geodian to complete your soul before passing.

The other obvious requirements to uphold Geodian ethics are to practice the virtues in daily endeavours. For example;

Diligence, to uphold integrity, zeal and fulfill your labors.
Chastity, to remain pure until you find your soul mate.
Temperance, To be capable of self restraint.
Charity, To give, even when we have little.
Forgiveness, To remain composed, to forgive trespasses against us.
Kindness, Admiration and well intended gestures toward others.
Humility, the ability to be humble both in victory and loss.


Everyday rituals

  • Every morning as they wake and at dusk as they lay down, Geodians pray. First they pray for safe passage through the day, then either to find their pairing or for childbirth with their mate. Then they pray to Geodea for protection from Somnums eternal rest, and nightmares Oma may bring.
  • Couples are viewed as respected citizens in Geodian culture, so a lot of pressure is applied to young adults who are single to pair up and show their devotion to Geodea by bearing children. Unmarried men over 21 are usually conscripted into the cathedrals and holy cities service where they work their way through priest hood, learning to properly court a woman and then are assigned a wife if still no success is achieved. The women however, are ridiculed for their wasted potential and sent to a Geodian church in another kingdom or territory in search of someone to pair with. If a woman hasn't found anyone to pair with by the age of 20, she is then arranged a marriage to a priest so that the priests blood line may continue. Most Geoodians main objective is to find someone to pair with so they may begin bearing childran in the name of their race and goddess.
  • When any member of the Templars New Order passes by a Geodian civilian it is customary that the civilian will place their hands over their belly as if hungry (or like a pregnant lady cradling her belly). This is to thank the them for their right to bear children under the Templars protection.
  • Every Easset the female of each pairing will cook or bake an offering, then the couples are seen gathering at the cathedrals for great feasts made for and by the people. They dine while listening to sermons, they call it "A service with servings for the soul."

Rituals and traditions

  • Judgement Day - Condemned Geodian criminals are by law handed to the New Templar Order and brought to Oodams cathedral of gold. There they are forced to touch the tablet of tenets until they are no more. Priests, Priestesses, and Geodian nobles alike meet together to sign off on the death of the fallen Geodian, but none are allowed to watch the death. The only exceptions to the aforementioned statement are the Grand Priest and the Grandmaster Templar, if present.
    The rest of the guests must rest upon their knees and cover their eyes, mouths, and ears in the hopes of seeing, speaking, and hearing no evils.
  • Blessed Hand - When first a child is conceived, the Geodian pair must take a leave of blessings in order to travel to one of the five main Cathedrals, living in a birthing hall in that kingdom or town until labour. A year after birth either the Grand Priest or the Grandmaster Templar must bless the babe in a baptism of holy light. This is done by the Preist safely touching Geodeas Tablet while carrying the baby in the other arm. Once the light fades only a handprint of light remains on the child, though the placement may vary. It fades in time, however, it has been known to light up again on occasion during moments Geodeas followers feel lost and need a sign of hope.
  • The Great Gifting - Offerings of gold and foods (specifically yellow foods) are taken to Geodeas sacred landmarks at the end of each month, when the newlyweds are sent to gift her these offerings as one of humanities lifelong labors. They gift gold because it was revealed that Geodea and most other gods bled gold. For this reason, they try to collect and gift her blood back to her.


The Geodian faith is split into two different factions. The first and most renown are the New Order of Templars. They are the military branch of Geodian faith, and known well for their might in battle. The second, but more commonly seen are the Geodian Priesthood. They govern the religious and political aspects of Geodian faith, both of which are described below.



Granted Divine Powers

Gifts of the Goddess

Granted gifts vary from rank to rank, for example Geodian Priests are able to bless tainted or unholy objects and creatures.
High Priests are able to exercise the Forsaken from the bodies of mortals, exhume holy light, and they never get lost for some reason. They are always found.
Grand priests and Templar's, however, can supposedly do all of that and much more. Very few examples are stated as most are discreet about when and why they use their blessings but Paterick Reklan was honored with a commemorative statue in Oodam due to his valiance in the first fight with Absolum himself during The day the dark consumed fear, not only did Paterick survive fighting side by side titans, but he even returned to Oodam with one of Absolum's dark flowers.


Her Favored Few

The most blessed of Geodeas devout were gifted immortality and titled as Geodeas saints. Only a few of them were recorded on paper but many are rumored to have existed, the few documented and their divine blessings are as follows;

Coran Brelo- Spent seven millennia in hell before escaping. He stole Lucifer's infant child and swore to raise it to be good. He managed well for six years, devoting the rest of his life to Geodea. It is rumored that he was captured and eventually killed in the captivity of the Forsaken children.
Magnus Malekye - his early years are recorded as saintly, he achieved this status as the youngest in history at 17, however anything more of him has been stricken from any Geodian record, as were his blessings.
Paterick Reklan - A Geodian Templar who prayed in Oodams city square for 7 days and nights with no food or water during the Templars reckoning. He prayed with such conviction that in an act of divine intervention Geodea rained flaming rocks from the sky which destroyed not only Komor, but the four neighboring cities as well. Rumor has it that he now speaks with Geodea herself, and to this day he holds the rank of Grandmaster Templar within the New Order of Templars, which he founded in Geodeas name.
Anne Bastiel - Virgin Anne, a devout young woman untouched and yet blessed to birth one child a year for seven years. She birthed one for each of Geodeas virtues, as if her children had been gifts from the Forgiven themselves. Each child grew to be a living embodiment of a different individual virtue and so they were named accordingly. Geodian women trying for a child typically pray both to Geodea and to idols of virgin Anne.

Create, do not negate.

Religious, Organised Religion
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Gold and Kye are most valued as gold is used to depict the deities. Gold, like the blood of a god.
Legislative Body
An elected council of Priests and retired Templars are recruited into two different council circles. The Grand council, and the Outer Circle, the former holding authority over the ladder.
Judicial Body
The Templars carry out all orders sent by the Grand council, and enforce the upholding of Geodian law.
Official State Religion
Permeated Organizations
Related Myths

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Peaceful Terms

Diplomatic agreements have been arranged in relation to Terran allocating land in their kingdom to the Geodians in exchange for trade and intel distribution to Terran on a day to day basis.

Peaceful Terms

Non-aggression pact

Immediately hostile

The Abyssal order loves Geodians, specifically making them scream. What's worse is that the Abyssal advocates take great joy in finding ways to stop Geodians from reaching Heaven after death. One such example is the fact that no Geodian who has eaten the flesh of another man may pass through Heavens gates, so the Advocates made a game out of capturing and force-feeding the Geodian priests to each other.
  The Geodians on the other hand, both hate and feared the Advocates, calling them a "celebrated cult."


The Damned consistently practice necromancy, a highly forbidden practice to Geodians. For good reason.

The Geodians refuse to acknowledge the existence of Mercys Lie.

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