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Appearance:   Aonu is a tall, thin Half-Elf with a build similar to that of a long distance runner. He has a nice build, but he's not bulky. He has short, brown hair and half-elven ears. He has nondescript facial features that are more Human than elven. His is dressed for the outdoors, wearing a leather vest and pants with a cloak of Common linen. He has a red bandanna tied around his neck. He also wears a belt with a scabbard for his sword and a pouch that holds a few soft animal skins of unknown origin. He wears simple leather boots.

Background:   Aonu was the adopted son of a wood elf family. His mother, a wood elf, died. His father, a Human, died when Aonu was young. Aonu and his father had been fighting a Goblin invasion and Aonu was injured and his father died. Aonu grew up as a wood elf in the wood elf woodland. Because of his upbringing, he is much more Human than wood elf.
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