Account Export

A service to export the all worlds from World Anvil into a ZIP-Archive. The ZIP-Archive will be emailed to you to the given email and available as shared files in your Google Drive. The original is stored on a google drive service account. So make sure to download the file to make sure that it stays. The service will keep up to ten export versions.  



  • Exports
    • User Metadata
    • World Metadata
    • Articles Metadata & Content as JSON Documents
    • Rendered Articles as HTML Documents
    • Blocks Metadata & Content
    • Manuscript Metadata & Content as JSON Documents
  • Export as ZIP-Archive.
  • Shared with Google Drive.
  • Retains the last 10 Exports per Account.

Limitations & Known Issues

  • Does not export anything not listed above.
  • Articles with the same name in the same category are overwritten.
  • No category hierarchy (information currently not available in API).
  • Block folders are currently not in the API.
  • Some metadata is still incomplete.
  • Illegal characters in names for folders are removed.
Export Account

ZIP-Archive Structure

  • File: metadata. json
  • Folder: worlds
    • File: metadata. json (World Metadata)
    • Folder: articles
      • Folder: NO_CATEGORY
      • Folder per Category: <name of category>
        • Folder: <name of article> (per Article)
          • metadata. json (Metadata & Content)
          • content.html (Rendered Content)
    • Folder: blocks
      • File per Block: <name-of-block>-<id-of-block>. json
  • Folder: manuscripts
    • Folder per Manuscript: <name-of-manuscript>
      • File: export. json
      • File: metadata. json


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