The Dancing Dragon Inn

Oh...we're staying here? It's pretty fancy...
  The Dancing Dragon Inn is one of the larger inn's on the island of Bittra, a 3rd level floating island.  


The inn is located on the main road through Solstadt, the capital of the Solanian Empire. It's close to both Solstadt's downtown shopping district and the city center where the government is located. The owner doesn't want potential clients to know this but it is also close to the seedier parts of the city.  

Store Front

The inn is 8 floors high and it's the tallest building on the block. The walls are built out of white stone and the windows on the bottom floors are large. There are doors in the back of the building that leads out to a back alley and large double doors in the front that leads out to the main road. The doors are wooden and painted black with gold gilded decorations. The window frames of the windows on the ground floor are painted in a gold color while the window frames on the other windows are black.  


The Inn was built around 200 years ago when the settlement was rebuilt because it had become the new capital. It was built by a man that had become rich by buying and selling masks outside of the kingdom. His inn quickly became popular and it's currently a bit small and they have to turn away customers sometimes because they are usually full.  

The Store

On the other side of the entrance is a large room with a shiny black floor with nice thick red carpets. The walls have pale beige wallpaper. There is a black round desk with a clerk in the corner to the left, a large staircase across from the entrance, and a large doorway to your right. The doorway to the right leads into the restaurant part of the inn and the staircase leads up to the rooms. The front door is always open and there is always a clerk there happy to help with anything. But the doorway to the restaurant area is closed between 11 pm and 7 am.   The restaurant area is called "The Grilled Apple", they have a large grill in the middle of the restaurant and a lot of different raw dishes that you can add to your plate and watch as the food is grilled. The restaurant does takeaway and orders for the rooms and people who live in a large area around the inn. There are only a couple of tables set up around in the restaurant mostly used by those who visit the capital from outside of the Empire.  


The inn is open 24/7 all days, even on holidays, but it's only possible to order food or visit the restaurant part of the inn from 7 am to 11 pm.
Siran Hazelwood
29 full-time workers and 11 temporary workers


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