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Bravely be yourself.
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Born in year 2 986AR on The Station , ʘakarilku has just turned 41. Her species the Krelin are originally from the planet of Okoposo and her name is common in the country of ʘa. Her species are common on The Station. However, people still have a hard time pronouncing her name. Because her specific nationality is very uncommon. Her friends usually call her Kae and the youths that she teaches calls her An'Kae.  


Kae wanted to be a teacher since she was little. At first, she wanted to teach sports or languages. It wasn't until she met her childhood best friend in middle school that she decided to become an art teacher. She set out to learn everything she could about art and entertainment.  
Kae graduated from university 15 years ago and has been teaching art since then. She is still best friends with her childhood bestie Aeyd. Who has worked as a Tattoo artist for the same length of time.   As a social butterfly, she also has several other close friends. One of them is a relatively new transfer teacher called Mar from the planet of Rant.   Kae and Aeyd met when they were 12 years old at Level 2 Central School. Another kid was teasing Kae when Aeyd stepped in and scared the kid off. Kae later learned that the kid who teased her had a crush on her. She dated the kid for a little while until the kid got a crush on another girl. Kae and Aeyd stayed friends, though.   While Kae is happy-go-lucky, bold, and honest, Aeyd is her complete opposite. Serious, shy, and uncandid. People did not expect them to become friends. Yet, they quickly became very close.   Since Aeyd isn’t very fond of people, Kae has been careful with introducing her friends to them. Which means that Aeyd has only met some of her friends. Primarily those that she has either deemed necessary enough for herself or those that she thought Aeyd would click with.   The only friend that Kae introduced to Aeyd almost right away was a person named Leean.   Leean and Kae met 15 years ago. Kae started working as a teacher at the same school where Leean worked as an assistant teacher. For the first 10 years the both of them tried to see each other as only friends, but during their 11th year of friendship, they started dating.  
Place of birth
The Station
Current location
The Station
41 years



Around 63 years ago the parents of Kae's mother fled their planet and ended up on The Station because of a revolution. The parents of Kae's father still live on the planet Okoposo, but Kae's father moved to The Station for school around 42 years ago and never returned home.  
Kae is the oldest of 23 siblings. 19 of them are half siblings, but the Krelin does not have the concept of half siblings or monogamy. All children of one female are siblings. A female usually have several male suitors and these suitors can court each other as well. Female suitors aren't unheard of either, however this female suitor is expected to have male suitors of her own. Some countries on the planet Okoposo accept asexuality but still expect the asexuals to have children while other countries are completely against it. The Krelin who live on The Station mostly accept asexuality but there are still those who look down on it.   As her father Kae is also asexual, but unlike her father she does not plan on having any children. Which is almost a mortal sin in Krelin societies. Her parents and grandparents are upset with her because of this. They are also confused that she is planning on having a draconic soulbonding cermony with her Dragon sweetheart Leean. Her relatives blame the influences of the culture on The Station. While monogamy is more common on The Station polygamy isn't unheard of and it's accepted by the government as a valid state of relationships. But dragons do raise their eye at it since they have one souldbonded mate for life. Kae is torn about her descision to soulbond. She does love her sweetheart, but are her relatives right? Maybe she's only doing this as a rebellion against her relatives or has she been influenced by the culture? as well as the wants and needs of her sweetheart?  
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation


Kae is an average sized female Krelin which means that she is slightly below the average height for females on The Station. She also has an average body shape for a Krelin and her coloring is pale grey skin and a darker grey hair color. All Krelin have different hues of grey on their hair and skin. Her skin is less glittering than regular. This is common among the Kerlin born off planet. Her ears are slightly longer than average.   Kae likes keeping her hair cut to her shoulders or just below her shoulders and have her bangs up in buns or ponytails. Black being her favorite color she usually wear black clothes together with white and a color that pops. She also has a tattoo on her shoulder that streatches towards her neck. Tattoos are a controversial subject on The Station and as such she has it covered up when she is teaching.  
Above average



Kae is happy and extroverted. She is idealistic and want to have a positive impact on other people. She enjoys spending time with other people and is a proponent of the saying "say what you mean and mean what you say." While she is an advocate for saying what you honestly feel she does not think that people should be mean, rude, or snide. She want people who are mean, rude, and snide to be honest as well, so she knows not to befriend them.   Kae does not like being left alone. She always wants to have a friend or partner with her. She does not know what to do when she's alone.  
Brave -Sara Bareilles
Favorite food
Silver Vegetable Stew
Favorite color



The only hobby that Kae enjoys that doesn’t necessarily involve other people is art. However she enjoys involving other people anyway. She paints and enjoys doing it with other people in the room. She also want feedback on all aspects of her process. This is not because she is insecure, but rather because she enjoys interacting with people at all times.   Other than art Kae also enjoys eating food with friends, playing board games and playing casual Modi games. She also enjoys social events and just hanging out with her friends.  

In media

Kae is a best friend to the main characters in my Visual Novel Mastermind. She is a main support character in this VN and also a side character in a dating sim that will be made after Mastermind.


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