Created on June, 2019.

Setting Details

Ravare is a Nobledark Fantasy setting with horror influences throughout. Cracks in the boundary between Ravarus and the other Realms surface, and with that, a new age of turmoil brews. As the cosmos battles eternally in the struggle for which Element is superior to the rest, esoteric influences are beginning to flood the paths between the Realms.
Throughout these Realms, mortal Sophonts seek to survive against the brutal realities dictated by the cruel Divines, wildly promoted by the volatile Elementals, or simply brought about by the monsters and beasts that stalk the lands. Technology advances and regresses with each passing calamity or war that breaks out. Civilizations rise and fall to the foolishness and ambitions of mortals. Magic consumes, swells, or drains away as the balance between Glow, Faith, and Prime rocks like a boat in a storm.
Our setting focuses on the stories that unfold within Ravarus, Nixus, and Hallus, each with their own twisted renditions of the overall conflicts happening. Each beginning to feel the impending strife on the horizon, but without a clear understanding of how to proceed.


Realm of Abundance

Life • Earth

Maintained by the Ravare Team.


Realm of Tundras

Ice • Life

Maintained by Fantomturtle.


Realm of Ash

Fire • Decay

Maintained by Oneriwien.

Cosmic Battlefield

Underneath the trials of heroes, the conquering of rulers, and the plots of Divine is a cosmic-spanning battlefield as the Primordial Elements wage wars over the realms. As a reader of this paracosm, you may choose a side and glean insights from one of the Primordials.
For more information before choosing a side, check out the Adherents page!
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