Delilah Corbeck

Eager to please and prove herself. Gets along fine with the other recruits, even managed to get some of the older crew to open up to her - I get the feeling that girl might be able to talk herself out of any situation (or almost any). Though she could use a little more weapons training - not good, not bad, just adequate. I’ll chalk it up to a lack of practical experience...

— Captain Kitazawa - CF Personnel Review

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

At 5’3”, Delilah would look quite small standing next to any Sol-Terran, let alone the Tau-Terrans that she now surrounds herself with. She is physically fit, with vague lines of definition highlighting her muscles, but is noted as being more susceptible to gravity-induced bone deformation (GIBD) due to an underlying health condition.

//--- Incoming transmission ---//
//--- Transmission ID: TN-HS CHA-L ---//

Hello Miss Corbeck.

We are contacting you regarding your recent Cerberus Fleet mandated health screening. This screening has highlighted that you have an underlying health condition known as Tygazion - a rare, Terran genetic disorder that leads to developing gravity-induced bone deformation (GIBD) much faster than others. As such, and in accordance with TN-HS regulations, we will require you to attend quarterly GIBD screenings to ensure that you do not progress into Stage 4 GIBD.

We have included a Patient Information Leaflet for both GIBD and Tygazion. Any important information will be contained within those leaflets, but if you do have any more questions about either condition, you can reply to this message and we will provide you with answers (where possible).

Physical quirks

Her dominant hand is her left hand.

Delilah has very good posture. Straight back, head held high (sometimes it even makes her look taller than she is, but only slightly). She tries to keep up that posture even when she’s feeling down, partly as a way to hide how she’s feeling from others.

When she’s nervous, Delilah will mess around with items of clothing or accessories on / around her hands and wrists. From bracelets and rings to gloves or the cuffs of her sleeves. If there isn’t any such item available, she will wring her hands together instead.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Delilah and her younger brother were adopted by Julius and Reginald Corbeck when she was five years old and he was two years old. Her childhood was spent growing up in a modest sized home on Terra, surrounded by a loving family.

Whilst her parents were in a lower income bracket, they always tried their best to make sure that Delilah and Harry got the best - whether that was food, or education, or when it came to social activities outside of school. Delilah took that particular lesson to heart as she was growing up and would always try to do the same for her friends, making sure they had the best regardless of how little Delilah had given.

It made her quite popular with the other children especially once she began to attend Solomon Academy. Though it also pinpointed her flaw to others, who sought to manipulate her generosity. By the time she began attending Allfield College, she had learnt when to be generous, and when to just let others think she was being generous. She became an excellent conversationalist, able to pick her words so carefully that no one really noticed when they were being played.

A Desire To Explore

During her time at Allfield College, Delilah became friends with rich socialite Llewellyn Baines, who would often regale her with tales of holidays spent in Osiron. Those stories paved the way for her desire to get away from Terra, where she had come to feel trapped, and explore the vast expanse of the universe. To do that, she knew exactly what career path she needed to take.

She needed to join the Cerberus Fleet.

Joining them would give her access to a spaceship, would put her in Osiron where there was still so much left untouched by Terrans, and it was almost a guarantee that she would spend more time in space then docked on a planet she was already familiar with. Her parents weren’t thrilled when she told them. They would have much preferred that she stay on Terra and use her good grades to go on and get a degree, but ultimately they gave her their blessing to leave home.


In compliance with Terran Education Standards, Delilah has the following:

  • Foundation Grade (L5) Certificate of Completion
  • Lower Secondary Certificate of Completion - Grade A.9
  • Higher Secondary Certificate of Completion - Grade B.7
  • Advanced Grade (Distinction 1) Certificate of Completion

She studied on Terra at Allfield School (Foundation Grade), Solomon Academy (Lower & Higher Secondary), and Allfield College (Advanced Grade). Once she was finished with her Advanced Grade education, she took a couple of years to travel around Terra.

Alongside her Terran Education Standards qualifications, she has completed basic training in weaponry, engineering, emergency medical care, piloting skills and CF tactics as part of the Cerberus Fleet recruitment programme.


Family Ties

Delilah doesn’t come from a particularly large or important family. She has her two loving fathers (Julius and Reginald) and a younger brother (Harry), as well as an aunt and uncle that she knows quite well and visits regularly. Outside of that, she’s distant with her grandparents on Reginald’s side of the family. Julius does not get along with his family members at all, so Delilah has never had the chance to meet them (nor does she want to).

//--- BoltChat App Transmission ---//
//--- Group: Delilah and the Dorks ---//

Julius Corbeck >
Hey kiddo! (Dee, not you Harry, you already know what this message is about) Hope you’re having a wonderful time off on all your crazy space adventures. Don’t forget, we’ve got a family movie night scheduled for next week - will you still be able to join us? I dunno how your fancy lieutenants or whatever divvy up comms time.

< Delilah Corbeck
Hey popsicle! Not had many adventures yet - we’ve been stuck docked on Chatau’s Landing for like a month whilst all us newbies get to grips with how the CF works. Thanks for reminding me about the movie night! I’ll book in some private comms time, the Captain should be fine with it.

Harry Corbeck >
Wait you have to book in private comms time?

< Delilah Corbeck
Yea it comes out of our regulated leave hours

Harry Corbeck >
Pffff loser. My screen time comes free of charge and never ends

Julius Corbeck >
You sure about that kiddo?

Year of Birth
6940 UGY 25 Years old
Dark green
Straight, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
  • Dee (by family and close friends)
  • Corbeck (mainly by Larissa Ziegler)
  • DC / Dee Cee (mainly by Foalán McKeogh)
  • Cadet (by Cerberus Fleet officials)

Has enough charisma for herself and at least two other people. It’s a bit ridiculous sometimes what she can get away with just by talking. Luckily, she also has a generous personality to go with that charisma - everyone finds it extremely difficult to dislike her.

Her moral compass is so strong that it might one day end up being her downfall. When she thinks she is in the right, it can end up in a heated argument that even Delilah’s infamous charm can’t smooth over.

Story Appearances

Strange Goodbyes
Generic article | Nov 10, 2021

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