The Heart of Chentoufi

The Oculus of Senrahbah is one of the ancient and powerful relics used centuries ago by the Ydrissid Empire to grant them mastery over The Elements – in a fashion not dissimilar to the Zenoks of today or so it is said. As the Empire crumbled, these powerful artifacts were lost and spread to the wilds across Okkorim.   This is part two of a three-part series involving the Oculus of Senrahbah, the first part of the larger Lamentation of the Ydrissid campaign. The adventurers defeated a powerful Jinn guarding the entrance to a long forgotten secret prison carved into the rock far below the city of Chentoufi. They must gain entry and attempt to locate the Oculus which is purported to be cached in one of the many chambers within the compound. Once they have secured the artifact, they can deliver it and receive their reward.

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This module continues the events of Episode 1 - The Eye of Chentoufi and finds the adventurers decending further beneath the ancient city of Chentoufi. The adventure is based upon Luke Gygax's World of Okkorim™ and further expands on his vision of the Blighted Lands™.
The Heart of Chentoufi

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