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Timber P. Black (a.k.a. Tim)

The way we look at concepts depends on the languages that we speak.
— Tim
  Timber P. Black was born in Nesta and was an Eskanian language teacher and the creator of the Common language that many countries today teach as a secondary language in schools.   Tim was born in Eskana by his parents, Lyard and Skiva, who were both from other ethnicities as well as being from different races. His mother Skiva was a Nord who was born in a country on the continent of Nor while his father, Lyard, was a human that was born in Oskad a country in the continent of Amfli. Even though his parents loved each other there were many misunderstandings between his parent's families. As a kid, he thought that there would be fewer misunderstandings between people if they shared the same languages and cultures.   Tim's younger brother was also born deaf. As he and his parents learned sign languge he found that his dreams could come true, as the deaf community had already more or less adopted a common language. The international sign language.   While still in school he started the construction of his language and as an adult, he advocated for his new language and he managed to get it accepted as a second language by his own country which later spread to the neighboring country of Oskad and soon most of the countries who traded with these two countries took on the language as a second language.    


After his general education, he studied languages and a program to become a teacher. After graduating as a teacher he took a couple of years off before getting a job as a teacher to advocate for the international language that he had come up with.  


Tim married his wife when he was 21 and they later had 2 children. A son and a daughter, the daughter later followed in her father's footstep and became a teacher. She taught Common at the Eastside center high school in Eskana.  


He believed that there should only be one culture and one people so there would be no wars and misunderstandings, however, he also knew that this was a pipedream.

Homo sapiens
Current Residence
A mausoleum in the east side of Nesta
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Skin Tone
MOTIVATION Eliminate misunderstandings based on language and cultural differences.


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