The Watcher

Sometimes, it feels like that thing is breathing down my neck.
— A cleaning lady working at the museum
  The Watcher or The Watching Dragon is one of the most known artworks in the world. It is a very realistically painted portrait of a dragon that is intently watching the viewer. The eyes of the dragon appear to follow the viewer. The painting has been attributed to several artists but it is unknown who actually painted it.
It was actually a self-portrait.


The painting used to make tours around the world regularly, but it is now situated in the Grand Museum of Art in Nesta. This because it is safer both with the risk of theft while it is being transported as well as the fear of getting it damaged.  


The portrait was painted with oil paints. It is believed to have been painted between 220 to 300AC but nobody can say for certain. The painting is in a peculiarly good condition for its age. It has had a variety of conservation treatments and the frame has also been exchanged several times because of warping, caused by changes in humidity. The first and the biggest touch up of the painting was done by a man by the name of Ormarr Landon who was responsible for the restorations of the paintings of the Grand Museum of Art about 324 years ago.  


The dragon has refined look on its face with long whiskers, it's golden eyes watching the viewer. It's golden scales reflecting in the lights of the lavish ballroom that can be seen in the background of the painting. No researcher has been able to find a ballroom in existence that looks like the ballroom in the painting. In the background, the back of a woman in a beautiful dress wearing jewels is also seen. Even though the scene is very realistically painted it is obviously a figment of the painter's imagination.  


The portrait was first found in the private collection of a dead merchant in 303AC, he had no paperwork about the painting and his family knew nothing about it. It was donated to a tiny museum and it was viewed by people there. Until it was stolen. It later appeared in another dead collectors collection and it was donated to another museum. Now it had started to gather a reputation and more people came to see it. Researchers studied it and couldn't really figure out who had painted it. Its history is a mystery and people are enchanted by it.
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