Kite flying

You should see the kites frolic at night.
— An inhabitant to a tourist
  After the hottest month of the year, families gather together in local parks for an entire day to picnic and to make and fly kites together.  


This tradition can be traced back long before the the presumed comet struck the ocean floor. However nobody knows why the tradition started. It is believed that it is a reminder from another culture that the Oskadian people merged with.  


Before noon the families will gather in the closest park or largest flat surface. In the same place, presumably, that their family has gathered for several years. The first part of the picnic will be consumed and after the food the family will rest on their blankets under parasol while the noon-sun passes. When the family feels ready they will sit up and start to gather the materials that they have brought with them and while chatting to the other families in the area they will construct this years kite. Colors and materials will reflect what has happened to the family during this year. After the kite has been built the family will fly the kite together with all the other families in the area. The sky is a sight to behold. After the kites have flown the second part of the picnic will be ingested and families with little children will head back home while families with more stamina stay and celebrate some more while glow-in-the-dark kites are flown and alcohol is partook in.  


Inhabitants of Oskad of all ages are expected to participate with their families. Though, people who have to work to keep the country running are exempt, like doctors, nurses and train drivers. People of that age might also not participate to instead hang out with friends or brood in their rooms. There are also some families who just don’t feel like participating.

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