The sail sandboards

It doesn't matter that I do it every day. My heart always rises to my throat as the wind rushes through my hair and clothes.
— A mail carrier
The sail sandboards have mainly been used to traverse The Barrens at first to quickly carry messages to different towns within and at the edge of The Barrens and then later for espionage and quickly moving a small number of military forces to where they were needed especially during The Eskana - Oskad conflict. Today they have returned to only being used by mail carriers.  

The boards

The boards are 2m long and are propelled forward by a sail that is carried up by a mast that is connected to the board by a rig with a free-rotating universal joint. The board is made out of a harder material than those boards made for surfing in water or snow. Some of the new ones are made with fiberglass, Carriers have different opinions about them.   Before every mail run, the carrier also has to wax the bottom of the board with paraffin wax to keep it protected so it won't end up looking like sandpaper.  


Before the discovery of Electricity and the invention of communication radios, the carriers were on their own when they were out on their runs and many carriers together with their boards disappeared without nobody knowing where they disappeared to.   Today the carriers have headsets and am in constant contact with the mail carrier HQ and carriers rarely disappear.  


The Government of Oskad is the main manufacturer of these boards but there are small companies that make boards for private users and many of these boards have been found among the pirates of The Barrens.

Government of Oskad
Owning Organization
Government of Oskad
Only the Oskad mail service have them. They have around 500 boards.
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
1 person and mail that can be carried in a messenger bag.


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