It's fascinating. It's like there is a different world, I didn't know about the deaf community until I had to learn ISL.
— Mother to a deaf child.
  ISL or the international sign language is spoken as a first, second or third language in about 95% of the world’s deaf community. It is a creole language that grew out of pidgin sign language that emerged in the port city of Elm in the country of Eskana. The Eskanian SL, the Oskadian SL and many SLs from the continent of Sunt and Nor were present in this pidgin.   When the language was finally deemed to be a creole language it was named Elmish, however, it got changed to ISL when the other SL speakers around the world started learning it, partly to be able to understand the stories that were signed in ISL by a famous traveling actor troupe.  


PRO1 is usually inferred if another pronoun isn't used. A person is indicated by pointing at them if they are in the room. If a person isn't in the room they will be indicated with their "name sign" and then talked about as PRO2.    


Idiom Explanation
Kids, you’re all cute. Said when people are arguing about things that either don’t matter or are essentially the same thing.
He lives in the stab house Said when something is obvious or when somebody is obviously guilty.
You’re playing with destiny. Said to people that are taking too many risks.
I have cooked my final [food item] The most eaten food in the country of the speaker is used. This means that there is something that they don’t want to do anymore.

Geographic distribution It is spoken over the entire world, except among a few countries who refuse to speak any language other than their own.
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