The golden dagger

I know better now.
— A youngster
  Long ago when the people of old Eskana found the The-city-in-the-mountain and moved in they had no explanations for why the previous people who had created the city had left it.   The story of the golden dagger started as an explanation for the disappearance of the previous people and later turned into a fable that told children not to steal and be greedy, as well as telling adults that they shouldn't spoil children.    

The Fable

-A summary

A group of traveling merchants enters the town of Nesta and a young boy named Bracken looks at their items. He sees a dagger with a rusty blade and a golden hilt. He wants to have the dagger, but the merchant doesn't want to sell it to him.   Bracken throws a hissy fit and the people of the town also looking at the wares of the merchants says that the merchant should sell it to him. The merchant still refuses to sell it to the boy and later in the night Bracken steals the dagger. He gloats to himself and his friends about what he has done. He spends a lot of time cleaning off the rust from the blade in his bedroom which sits above his families kitchen. It has intricate patterns and he feels even better about what he has done.   The next day Bracken watches as the merchants leave, feeling good about himself. As he goes home he notices that as the merchants left the city, it has become surprisingly quiet.   Bracken goes home to eat lunch but his mother doesn't meet him at the door. He goes inside the kitchen and finds his mother on the floor. Their oil lamps in the room go out and he sees a spirit above his mother's body. The spirit moves towards him with outstretched arms and an empty face. He flees and finds that the entire city is full of spirits. All the people around him become spirits. He tries to flee but as the city-inside-the-mountain only have two exits he soon also gets spirit touched and the entire city becomes a spirit-town.    

The game

-To the rest of the world

In the beginning, the fable was only told in Nesta, it didn't even spread to the rest of New Eskana. Until a family made a game together based on the old fable. They sold the game to a game publisher and the rest is history.   The game spread and now the fable is known across the entire world.   The game is a continuation of the fable, where the players play together against the game as Bracken and his friends. The goal of the game is to get Bracken and his friends out of the town so he can catch up to the merchant and ask him for forgiveness.


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