The Dragon-tongue stone

Actually, when I took a photo of that statue I could’ve sworn that the dragon yawned.
— A tourist
  One of the most famous landmarks in Amfli is the Dragon-tongue stone. It is said that dragons placed that stone there to mark out directions and point travelers right.   Dragons never existed though. People might've found dinosaur bones and thought that those were dragons.  


The statue is made out of the same stone as the Grim mountains so it is believed that the people who carved out the city-in-the-mountains also created this statue. What creeps out the visitors to this statue is that it has been sitting in the middle of the desert for several thousand years but the statue looks brand new. Glistening in the sunshine.   The statue is an orthotope, that is 10m tall and it’s four sides are 2m wide. Atop this orthotope sits a dragon with its wings raised and its tongue snaking out of its mouth adding another 5m in hight to the statue. Its tail is pointing south and its tongue is pointing north. While its wings are pointing west and east.   The flat sides of the statue have writing on it. Nobody has managed to figure out what these carvings say. It is also evident that several different people have written on these walls.  


Before the invention of GPS it was used as a location marker for people traveling across the desert.  


There have been posts on the internet of people who have claimed that they have tried to vandalize the statue. But the stone has been too hard to cut or the paint that has been splashed on it hasn’t stuck. This has been seen as urban legends scientists have been able to pry microscopic pieces of the statue for samples and they have drawn on the statue with markers and that hasn’t come off until they cleaned it off themselves.  


There have been copies made of the statue for a couple of museums across the world as well as a copy that stands in the middle of a plaza in Nesta.

Parent Location
The Barrens
Owning Organization
Government of Oskad


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