The Barrens

Hardships harden your heart and kindness shapes it.
— Oskian proverb
  The Barrens is a huge desert on the continent of Amfli and is partly surrounded by The Grim Mountains, Lahu mountains, Garm mountains, and the Small mountains.  


The Barrens mainly consists of large stone plateaus, sand dunes, dry valleys, and salt flats. The center of the desert has very sparse vegetation while closer to the mountains and to the end of the desert in the west there is some vegetation, grasslands, and desert shrubs. There are also smaller mountain ranges littering the desert.   The desert is also split into 4 counties so to speak. The borders for these counties is a little bit vague and contested constantly. The county to the south is called Maruv, and the next one is Rawcul, Pandur, and Somne.  


Many different kinds of creatures live in this desert, however, they are not many actual individuals. Wild Horsemels, and many kinds of birds, lizards, and mammals have managed to make this inhospitable place their home.  


Beneath the surface lies a vast resource of fossil fuel/water, minerals, and ore. Some of the small trade towns that have appeared in the desert survive because of these resources.  


Many tourists visit the Barrens to say that they have managed to cross the largest desert in the world. While visiting the desert there is also quite a few landmarks to visit that have significant meaning for several cultures and many people want to have photos of themselves next to these landmarks.  


Out of this inhospitable place towns have still managed to spring, like flowers through concrete. There are currently many stationary towns prospering in the desert and 9 mobile towns. The 9 towns travel between the other towns as well as the cities outside of the desert to distribute goods and partake in festivals.  

Sand pirates

There are also pirates stalking this desert. They raid the towns and steal food and items that they later sell. Working as a Town Guard is one of the most regular professions in the desert and in the towns and cities close to the desert.

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