Do you have no taste buds? This needs more salt!
— Sven Foga
  Salt is an important mineral mined across the entire world. Salt is the oldest and most used food seasoning. Salt in its natural form is known as rock salt or halite.   In some cultures, different rock salts were used for different dishes and a long time ago it was even used as currency.  
    • Salt is well known for its use as a food seasoning and food preservation but only around 7% of the salt is used for food.
    • A solution of water and salt has a lower freezing point than pure water and putting it on ice will cause it to melt. This is why salt is used to manage ice, both on highways, driveways, and sidewalks. 9% of the ice production is used for this.
    • Salt is also used in agriculture, to suppress the growth of grass and weeds, 6% of the salt is used for this.
    • The rest of the salt produced (78%) is used in water conditioning processes and industrial processes. It can be used to tan hides, to regenerate resins in water softening and to dye textiles.


There are several ways to produce salt. Deep-shaft mining which is like mining for any other mineral and with solution mining walls are erected over salt beds and water is injected to dissolve the salt. The saltwater is then sealed in containers and boiled until only the salt remains. For mountain mining which is regular in Oskad Rock salt is separated from the mountain wall and chipped into smaller pieces with the help of workers and Wais. The salt is then loaded on electrical rail wagons with the help of cranes and transported to train tracks.   At the start of the industrial age, the salt used to be loaded on the wagons with the help of lever pulleys and transported with the help of Cowses, a large boarlike creature that though, slow is still very strong, making them good to use in mining.

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Kids playing with wais by Hayate
Cowses dragging salt by Hayate


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