Red brick houses

My phone is full of photos of different houses, they all look the same but still so different.
— Excited tourist
In The Barrens the most common buildings that people live in are red brick houses with red concrete tiled roofs and pale decorations.  


The houses look like large pale red shoeboxes. Most of the houses are single-storied, while some rich families have two-storied houses. The two-storied houses generally exist in larger towns.   Most of the singled-storied houses have tinted windows stretching from the floor to the roof on one of the long sides. Usually connected to the living room. Outside of these windows sits a patio. Most of the houses in well to do towns have small fountains in front of the patio and others have pools.   The two-storied houses generally have a balcony stretching the entire length of the longwall instead of the floor to roof window. Some buildings, however, have windows reaching up under the balcony.  


As wood frames would rot or crack in the dry air of The Barrens, most of the houses have vinyl dual pane windows. While some have metal ones. White or pale red frames are the most common colors of the frames. The windows that sun exposure is usually small and covered with sunscreens. While windows that aren't that exposed to the sun are large.


The floors inside of the homes are commonly marble or concrete and the colors are usually white or grey. The walls are usually decorated with colorful stones taken from nature around the house or photos and paintings.  


All towns, except Berim, have "modernities" like plumbing and electricity. Depending on how well the town is doing or how close it is to other towns the plumbing and electricity are mediocre or very good.

Parent Location
The Barrens
Owning Organization
Government of Oskad


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