Nestian Delicacies

Oh, I see that you have Sven's book! I love it.
— A middleaged woman to another
Nestian Delicacies is a cookbook written by Sven Foga, a famous Chef from the continent of Nor who has settled down in Nesta for his food TV show where he screams at Nestian restaurant owners for their incompetence.   The book contains 20 recipes on light dishes and snacks that were homemade in Nesta before they started being produced either by factories or food stands. These recipes had been forgotten by the everyday man until this book came out. Everybody bought it, even people who didn’t live in Nesta. Though, the dishes are still being bought at the supermarket or from food stalls because the people of Nesta are a busy people. But being able to say that you own the book from a famous chef and that you could make the food by yourself if you wanted to is considered good.   Sven wrote the book because he could and because he was slightly frustrated with the Nestian people who had forgotten most of their food heritage. He knew that the people wouldn’t stop doing what was the most convenient for them but he hoped that somewhere out there someone would start cooking these dishes by themselves.   The book has 88 pages, 5 pages are two forewords, one from the publisher and the other from the author. The author admonishes the reader and their mother who has to read this book to learn how to cook these recipes. Their incompetent mother should’ve taught them this.   2 pages of each recipe are information and backstory on the dish, then there is a page of a beautiful photo of the finished dish and the last page is the recipe. The last 3 pages of the book are references, other books that the chef has written and other books that the chef thinks that the reader should read.

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