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A mobile phone, cell phone or teddy is a portable telephone that can make or receive calls.  


The first mobile phone was envisioned by Urban Sims and Malena Orlen of the Mikan company in 601AC when the radio was being invented. It took several years until Theodore Sand of the same company constructed the first cellular handheld phone in 634AC. A couple of years later in 639AC, a cellular network was launched in the countries of Eskana, Oskad and Sned. This was followed by a launch in the continent of Nor The next year. In 641AC the first commercial cell phone, the BRE01, was launched.   Other companies got in on this and several cellular networks, as well as phone manufacturers, started producing their own phones. Today there is a myriad of different phone manufacturers and carriers.  


They were at first used to call other phone users, but the use of them has grown as the user base has grown. Today they can be used to pay bills, pay in stores, watch movies, listen to books, play games, take photos and many other things.   Studies have been conducted and it has been found that 1 in ten of the mobile phone users have a secret phone that the other family doesn’t know about. These phones are kept to be able to do extramarital affairs or secret business deals. [Sleeping watchers also have secret phones]  


In most countries, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while operating a mobile phone. As studies have shown that mobile phones are too distracting.  


Studies have also shown that banning phones in schools have increased the student's academic performances so most schools have also banned them.  


While a phone is turned on it is easy to gather the geographical location of the phone. Which means that the movements of a phone user can be tracked. A hacker can also read messages and record calls just by knowing the number of a phone.
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