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  The Horsemels are native to The Barrens and have been tamed and used as a beast of burden for as long as Homo sapiens have lived there.   For awhile they were used all over Amfli but now they are mostly only found in The Barrens.    


They have a convex head shape with large eyes that have long eyelashes. They have large fuzzy ears and short horns. Their necks are long and their bodies have a small hump. Their four legs are long and thin and their feet have two toes. They also have a short tail.   There are 2 popular breeds, the Marv, who have very long fur and the Hur who have short fur. The colors are generally beige or dark brown.    


The Horsemels are herbivores and as the Cowses they have four stomachs. They will eat grass during an entire day to later regurgitate it and chew again.   They are not connoisseurs, they can eat all parts of a plant, even twigs, and thorns. They have a hard palate on the upper sides of their mouths to be able to eat everything that they can get their mouths on.   They can go for days without drinking any water at all as their blood cells are oval. Oval blood cells are more elastic and let them consume more water when they have access to it.  

In modern time

The usage of the Horsemels as pack animals petered out when the production of modern vehicles picked up speed. Now the Horsemels are used in sports, for mounted Town Guards, in search and rescue, disaster relief and for agriculture.    


The Horsemels provide meat and milk as well as fur fibers that are used as textiles.
63 years
Average Height
2 m
Average Weight
500 kg
Average Length
3 m


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