My, your horns are majestic, my dear.
— A middle-aged troll to another
When trolls enter middle-age some of them will have horns growing out of their heads. Some have had horns growing out of other body parts too.  


The cause for the horns is still unknown. Some researchers blame the radiation. There are others who say that it is genetic. Many suggest that it is a virus as many with warts also get horns. But there are some who get horns who do not have warts either. It is estimated that about half of the horns appear because of skin conditions or skin cancer.  


It starts as a small darker bump on the skin, like a mole. That mole will grow until it becomes a bump and then it will pop and the horn will start growing out of the skin. Some patients have reported that the skin will have been itching before the mole appears.  


It is imperative that the patient visit a doctor and have it checked if the area around the horn starts hurting or itching heavily as that can mean that the horn roots are growing inside the body and they will have to be removed before they start causing internal problems.  


There is no clear preventive measure. People are only adviced to limit their exposure to the sun and to use sunscreen.  

Cultural reception

As it is a condition that only happens to some people when they have gotten old the horns are called wisdom horns but the population. So when people get these horns they generally feel proud and some people even look up to people with these horns.   This view of the horns is currently being fought by the medical and health industry as many people with malignant horns don't get them removed, because they don't want to lose their perceived status. If malignant horns aren't removed the wearer might die.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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