Homo sapiens

Us and them, it's always us and them, why do we always insist on splitting ourselves apart?
  Homo sapiens is the only sapient species on the planet of Nolddyn. They are bipedal, walk upright, have high manual dexterity and can use heavy tools with the help of their opposable thumbs. They also have complex languages and advanced societies.  


Long ago, back when the planet of Nolddyn only had one continent, there was only one race. However, when the continent split apart, so did the people.   Eventually, they learned to travel the waters and once again they met. Something happened. Nobody alive today knows what. The only thing they do know is that whatever happened, left a large crater in the ocean floor between the continents.   A couple of scientists claim that a meteorite hit the planet, but no evidence has been found to prove this claim.  


The Homo sapiens consist of 7 parts. Two legs, two arms, a torso, a neck, and a head. The females have narrower birth canals than other animals and as such have problems when giving birth to offspring.  

Life cycle

Homo sapiens reproduce via sexual intercourse. After fertilization, an embryo will start growing inside the female's uterus, which after 38 weeks will have become a fetus, that is ready to be born. Labors are painful and dangerous for the female Homo sapiens.   Labors might last for over 24 hours and before modern healthcare, it was not uncommon that both the mother and the child died.   Depending on the country, the fetus may or may not be counted as its own person until after it has been born. They are helpless at birth, at around 2.4kg in weight and 45-50cm in height, and will grow until they reach sexual maturity at the age of around 11-16 years.   The homo sapiens life span is usually split up into several stages; infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, middle age and old age. The lengths of these stages have varied across the planet over different time periods and countries.    

Biological variation

Race is a controversial topic among the Homo sapiens of Nolddyn, however, many agree that there are four categories. Humans, Nords, Trolls and Elves.
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Humans look weird when they cry.
— A bully
29% of the world's population are Humans. They originally come from the continent of Amfli but they now live all over the world.   The males are on average 169cm tall and females are 160cm tall. The average lifespan is 75 years old for males and 80 years for females.  
Average humans
Average humans by BasicDragon
They have round stubby ears, generally square faces and their eyes look similar to rhombuses. Their eyes are blue, or brow, but they can look green or grey. The humans who live in the central countries of the continent of Amfli have dark brown skin and have dark brown or black hair. Their eyes are mostly also dark brown or black.   The humans in the north and south of Amfli have paler skin and blue or brown eyes. Their hair is usually black, brown or blonde.    


So, I am at a restaurant in Norgrund, and I'm trying to explain that I can't eat anything with peanuts in it because I am allergic. It's been 15 minutes now and the chef and most of the staff is here at my table just staring at us with awe and confusion. I don't think allergies are a thing here?
— Traveling food blogger
19% of the world's population are Nords. They originated from the continent of Nor but there is now a small amount of Nords living in the north of Amfli and the north of Sunt.   Nords are very healthy and are rarely sick. The males are on average 176cm tall and females are 161cm tall. Their average lifespan is 102 years old for males and 106 years old for females.  
Average nords
Average nords by BasicDragon
They have short pointy ears and almond-shaped eyes. Their face shape is also generally rounder than the other races. Their eyes look green, blue, black, grey or purple. They are usually born with violet or purple hair but they can be born with black or brown hair as well. The Nords living in the north of Nor have pale beige or olive skin and the Nords living in the south of the continent have dark brown skin.  


Can I touch your tail?
— A kid
12% of the world's population are Trolls. They originate from the continent of Sunt, but they can now be found across the entire world.   The males are on average 186cm tall and females are 180cm tall. Their average lifespan is 80 years old for males and 92 years old for females.  
Average trolls
Average trolls by BasicDragon
They have pointy ears of medium length and rectangular eyes with droopy eyelids. Their eye colors are yellow, orange or red and their skin is different shades of grey.   They also have tails with a tuft of hair at the end. The hair is usually the same color as the hair on their head which can also be any shade of grey. In some cases, there have been children born with black hair.  


I've always wondered how it would feel to exist in total harmony. In five years I'll be 40, I might be running out of time.
— A missing person
13% of the world's population are Elves. Scientists argue regularly over where the elves originated from but the most of them believe that they originate from the country of Eskana but there is no archeological evidence for that claim.   Elves have a rectangular body shape and are generally thin. Almost all of them are sickly and most of them live on social welfare. In some countries, it is illegal for elves to have children with other elves. The males are on average 175 cm tall and females are 158cm tall. Their average lifespan is 47 years old for males and 48 years old for females.  
Average elves
Average elves by BasicDragon
The more modern the world is becoming the sicker the elves are becoming.   They have long pointy ears and their hair, eyes, and skin can have any color. Though most of them are purple or violet.        


I am her biological parent so STOP STARING!
— An upset father
18% of the world's population is of mixed race and it has been on the rise ever since the races started to intermingle.   When the parents are Nord/Troll, Troll/Human or Nord/Human the children will look like a mix between the parents or more like one of the parents, but when the parents are Elf/Nord, Elf/Troll or Elf/Human the child will most likely look like their Nord, Troll or Human parent.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sapiens
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Average intelligence They are sapient
Geographic distribution The entire world

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