Government of Oskad

Oskad is the oldest country and the first democracy in the world.
  Oskad is a country in the middle of the continent of Amfli . It is currently the largest country, in landmass, in the world and the 5th largest in population.   Like most countries on Amfli, Oskad has a mixed economy with a welfare state, a unionized workforce and a free market.  


The borders of Oskad currently encompasses the entirety of The Barrens, part of the megalopolis Nesta and stretches over to the Ocean after the mouth of the Kraken and stops abruptly at the borders of Om just after the mouth of the Dragon.    


Oskad was a kingdom until 1779 BC when the people revolted and turned the kingdom into a representative democracy.   This country is led by the president who is both the head of state and the head of government. They are to rule in accordance with the constitution. The constitution has 3 chapters. ‘The government’ which deals with the cooperation between the branches and the local councils among other things. ‘The bill of rights’ which deals with all peoples equal rights. ‘The freedom of the press’ which is self-explanatory.   The government in Oskad has three branches. The legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch.   The legislative branch of government is which is made up of 249 seats. The people using these seats are elected from the general public based on the proportional representation. These 249 people work together to draft and approve new legislation that will be carried out by the executive branch. Like the presidency and the cabinet members these people serves a 4 year term.   The executive branch is headed by the president and their Vice President together with the prime minister who is the head of a cabinet of ministers chosen by the people.   The judicial branch work independently from the other two branches and is headed by the judiciary. This branch have two parts that work together to make this system fair, the supreme courts and the subsidy courts.   Local councils In Oskad there are also local district and municipal councils that holds political power.

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