The Eskanians first lived in a region that is now inhabited by the Murans.
— All history teachers across the world
Eskana used to streatch from the ocean to the border of Murn while being surrounded on all sides by other countries and nomadic tribes. To protect their area they learned how to protect themselves.   They place too much of a focus on their military and eventually also started attacking instead of only being reactionary. They expanded their area, and the small country became an empire. However, when they began attacking Oskad, the empire got crushed. Only a couple of the platoons and one of the princes survived. They moved into the City-in-the-mountain a city that Oskad didn’t want to have anything to do with, because they feared the spirits living there. Living in the city the Eskanian people grew in population again and soon, the people thrived again. Especially when they became friendly with the Oskad people.  


The first language of the Eskanian people is Eskanian, they are also expected to learn Common in school so they can communicate with the Oskad people. Students are also expected to learn a third language but many take extra classes in common. Common is the main language of social media.  

Common customs


Marriages used to be held in the capital during summers. The couple-to-be were expected to spend a day at the marriage stones. This is not customary anymore but people getting married in Eskana still get miniatures of the marriage shrines as wedding gifts.  


Long ago when the Eskanians still lived in old Eskana people were buried in the ground. But when the people settled down where they live now they had to consider space and thus started cremating their dead. There are no mausoleums or memorial places. Instead, the ashes of the dead are split among the living relatives. These relatives could do what they wanted with the ashes. Many place their parent's ashes in their marriage shrines or in jewelry. Many people are cremated with the ashes of their relatives.

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