I wonder where he disappeared to though, it's a mystery...just like the painter of the painting.
— The ponderings of a mystery fan
  Electricity is used to power all modern household appliances as well as almost all technology in the world.
Well, steam and magic are popular somewhere else...
  Like The Watcher there are many disagreements on who discovered electricity first but Veles Lind was the first person who proved the correlation between electricity and lightning. He, however, wasn’t the first person who had noticed that the phenomena were similar.   The discovery of electricity goes back way before the printing press or even writing were discovered as primitive batteries with copper sheets inside clay pots have been found in archeological digging sites across the world.   Many books have been written about electricity and the experiments done about it up until 481 AC when Erin Alin invented a power generator. It generated a tiny electrical current that moved through a wire. This paved the way for Vince Drake who created the first light bulb. There had been light bulbs created by others but this was the first one who lasted for hours. Vince was on his way to create a multimillion-dollar empire with his new patent, but then he just disappeared.  
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Beware of the world and the deities walking it. There are gods in the machines and if you are touched by their magic you may not have long to live.
  After many legal battles over patents and the disappearance of the patent holder, several other companies started creating light bulbs and later Ashni Lee, who many know as the facilitator of commercial electricity, joined the Mikan company. The company which invented the radio.   Electricity wasn’t discovered by one person, it was a joint effort that brought the world of Nolddyn to where it is today.
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