Electric trains

The most used vehicle in the entire world is electric trains.
— A train transport company owner
  A train is a series of connected units that runs along a railroad track and transports cargo or passengers. The vehicle, locomotive, generally at the front pull the train forward. Some trains can have several locomotives attached to them and they can be split and continue down other tracks. Meaning that two trains can ride as one for a distance and then split up to go as two different trains.   In 307 AC the first train tracks were laid down in the world. They were laid down in Amfli and the first train that ran those tracks were steam-powered. All trains were until the 590s when electric trains were made. At first, as the cost to change were initially very high, only the most populated routes were changed to electric trains. However today most of the trains are powered by electricity.  

The naming of trains

The trains are often named by the railway companies to raise the profile and attract more passengers. This is usually reserved for prestigious services like high-speed express trains or trains that have served royalty.  

Local, Regional, National and International transportation

In cities there are usually several different tracks for several different trains. There are rapid or commuter trains that travel inside the city and in the suburbs. These trains also have more standing areas and places for baby carriages and bicycles.   Regional trains connect between cities and generally only have seat areas and a couple of sleeping units. Some of these are also express regional trains that have very few stops to provide faster travel.   National and international trains travel between several cities within and outside of countries and they often have dining units and several sleeping units to provide for passengers traveling long distances. Nowadays many people prefer to travel by plane instead of by train but there are still people who travel by train if the trip is cheaper.

Manufacturer There are several train manufacturers
Owning organization There are several transportation organizations across the world that own trains.


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