The most common material in the world
  Cotton is a soft and fluffy fiber that most often will be spun into a yarn or thread and made into a textile that is soft and breathable. It has been harvested for the last 5000 years in the central part of the world. The northern and the southern parts don't have the Cotton plant as it's to cold for it to grow there.   Many myths about the origin of the cotton fiber were born in the northern parts of the world before it became public knowledge that the fibre comes from a small shrub plant.  


All cotton in the entire world is currently harvested by machines mostly owned by the owner of the lands. Before the machines were invented the owners of the lands hired people to pick the cotton. This job was hard and paid very little, it was usually a job done by students during their summer holidays to earn a little bit of money or people who didn't have the education to do anything else.  


Cotton is used to produce a myriad of products and is thus a very important material. Different kinds of clothes, bedsheets, towels, the yarn used for knitting and crocheting, fishing nets, coffee filters, tents, cotton paper, in bookbinding, old fire hoses, cottonseed oil that can be used in food and cottonseed that can also be fed to livestock.  


There is currently competition for the spot of the most used textile material by artificially produced materials as nylon and polyester but cotton is still holding strong.  


The largest producer of cotton is the country of Oskad. Most of their production is, however, used by their own textile industries. The largest exporter of cotton is The kingdom of Whitter on the continent of Sunt.
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