"Holy Kraken!"
"The teams I betted on won...I just won a fortune. "
  Across the world, Barrageball isn't a big sport. However, it is also the most popular sport in the countries of Oskad and Eskana where even university students can earn money playing in junior leagues.  


BarrageBall evolved from a collection of sports played by children in the port city of Elm in the country of Eskana. Among them being Ghost ball where you threw balls at each other and became ghosts. A game that had become popular in Nesta because of the popular children's tale of The Golden Dagger.   The first official game was played by two university teams in 397AC. A rule book was written up by a university sports coach. As of 652AC the sport is played by over 1 million high school students, 80000 university students and the Eskanian BB league is the biggest professional league in the world. Their championship game, The Golden Cup, is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.  


The number of players on a team rooster depends on the league and the level of organization. The 4 positions that team roosters in all leagues must have are:
    • Carriers
    • Shields
    • Hitters
    • Throwers
Then there are a couple of hybrid positions that some professional leagues allow the team roosters to have one or two of:
    • Shieldsters
    • Throwsters
    • Casters
The roosters are also expected to have a couple of relief carriers and some backups in case of injuries or sickness.  


Carriers are the ones who pass the Prince ball between each other to get it to the goal.  


The shields carry shields and protect the carriers from the BB balls.  


The hitters try to hit away the BB balls that are thrown at the carriers and the rest of the team with their bats.  


In smaller teams playing for smaller leagues, the other positions play as throwers while they are playing as protectors. In larger leagues, the roosters have up to 7 throwers to play when the team play as the protectors.  


The Shieldsters have smaller shields than the Shields and an aluminum bat like the Hitters, they are a hybrid of Shields and Hitters.  


These are Throwers that can intercept the carriers by catching the Prince ball when it is thrown between the carriers. They are not allowed physical contact with the carriers.  


Are carriers that carry a bat that they can hit any ball with.   Jump to top  


In professional play, the equipment is heavily regulated while the equipment for regular players can be whatever the players have available to them. This game was after all first played by children who gathered their equipment from other sports as well as from junkyards.
The Field is circular and 100 meters in diameter.
BB balls or Barrageball balls are large rubber balls. Depending on the league, the sizes and material of the balls are different. The balls must be fluorescent yellow.
The Prince ball must be fluorescent yellow as that show best on TV screens. They are filled with air and the surface consists of a felt-covered rubber compound. They should be 8cm in diameter.
The shields are made of foam and coreflute. The shields are round and should be 70cm in diameter. The shields for the Shieldsters should be 55cm.
The aluminum bats should be 1m tall and 7cm at the thickest part as well as weighing no more or less than 1kg.
The throne is a 70cm high pole that is 9cm in diameter, that has a small indent at the top where the Prince ball should be placed.   Jump to top  


How to win

To win your team must've scored the most points during the four sets played.  

How to play

Each game is played between two teams with seven players each on the field.   Before the first set starts both teams have 2 minutes to place themselves. The protecting team is expected to place themselves around the field while the attackers are expected to gather around the outside of the border of the field.   The game is played in 4 sets of 15 minutes each. With a break of 2 minutes between the first and second set as well as the third and fourth set where the teams change field/players. During the midgame, between the second and third set, there is a 20-minute break to strategize and relax.   The visiting team always starts playing as attackers while the home team is playing as protectors. The protectors have 7 throwers that have 14 BB balls that they will try to throw at the attackers to tag them.   When the starting beep is heard the attackers will rush into the field and try to place the Prince ball on the throne. The carriers will pass the ball between each other while the throwers of the other team try to hit them with the BB balls. The Hitters and the Shields will try to protect the Carriers as the Carriers are the only ones who are allowed to carry the Prince ball.   When a Thrower hits a player on the other team with a BB ball that player is tagged, or "dead". A beep will be heard and the referee will call out the number of the tagged player. The tagged player should sit down on their knees and count down with a hand over their head. When a character has been tagged a drumbeat will be heard that the tagged players should count down to.   The Hitters will hit the BB balls with their bats and if these balls hit the Throwers then they are also considered tagged and should sit down. The BB balls that the Hitters hit are also dead. The BB balls that end up outside of the field are also dead. If the Throwers run out of BB balls the attackers have won the set.   Around the throne, there is a circle that is 4m in diameter. This area is called the goal zone and Throwers are not allowed to step into it.   If the Prince touches the ground the entire team of attackers must go back to the border of the field and start again.   Jump to top  


Most injuries happen during practice, usually when accidentally falling and hurting elbows or fracturing thumbs and other fingers.   Jump to top

The three most known leagues
The Eskanian BB League
The Oskadian BB League
The Alliance BB League   Equipment
-BB balls
-Prince ball
-Aluminium bats
-Knee pads


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