I tried visiting this town...they chased me out with their [censored word] rakes.
— Tourist
  This town sits in a small valley close to the Garm mountains in The Barrens.   Even though the city is supposedly run by the Government of Oskad this town is pretty much self-sufficient. They will treat government officials the same way that they treat The pirates. With mistrust and a raised rake.  


Who founded this town has been forgotten with time, but those who founded it dug tunnels into the Garm mountains, tapping the fossil water and using it to water their fields. Other tunnels and artificial rivers have later been built.  


Berim produces its own food, clothes, and tools and as such doesn't trade much with other people. They do not have many modern technologies and this is how they want to keep it. There are people moving to Berim just to get away from the modern world.  


Water, Cotton plants, livestock, wood, rice paddies and a lot of different fruits and vegetables.  


Many elves move here in hopes of becoming healthier. There have been some studies about elves becoming generally healthier when moving away from modern conveniences however they still die young considering the average age of death among the other races.  


The entire town is built in squares and every house has it's own little field in the back yard that the family will tend to. As well as the larger fields outside of the town center that the men tend to. The houses are built with sandstone and sand. Small one storied cube houses with no decorations.  


The town is ruled by the Oskad government according to the rest of the world but in the town the one who decides is the chief. When a chief has to step down a new one will be chosen by show of hands during the town council that is held once a month.

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Owning Organization
Government of Oskad


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