Melior is an interactive science fantasy world illustrated in a contrast of bright colours. This ever evolving project explores the themes of chaos vs order in the form of a wiki, slice of life fiction, and concept art. In a world where imagination is magic, anything can become a reality.

The World

It's always raining in The Isles of Orlend.
Sea-elephants bask on the rocky shores, and and endless stream of ships to and fro from the bustling port of the capital city, Bradstowe. Most of these tech-laden ships are sailing up from the scorching hot climate of the south; Orubian glow-jelly has brought lighting to the world, causing an industrial boom across Melior.

The Journey

The people of Melior have stopped dreaming.
The oppressive religion of The Originator's Order has brainwashed creative minds across the world so that they're no longer using their imagination. As a result of this, The Drealm and its inhabitants are quite literally fading away. In desperation, the guardian dreamon has fled this plane to investigate what's happening in Melior and try and restore the balance.

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  • Map of Melior
  • Map of The Isles of Orlend
  • Map of Bradstowe
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