WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document

This is a temporary article for the WorldEmber 2020 prep homework!


During WorldEmber 2020 I am going all in on my worldbuilding. Expect to see tonnes of new lore, interactive maps, snazzy artwork, fancy layouts, and even some audio experiences.  
Wordcount Goals
  • 10k words - I aspire to reach the minimum wordcount completion goal for WorldEmber before the 20th so that I have plenty of time for writing extra words, polishing my articles, or making artwork and graphics
  • 25k words - This is the stretch goal that I will try to achieve by the end of the competition! I feel like it's achieveable if I schedule my time well and don't feel too stressed with burnout
  • 50k words?? - I'm not sure how close I can get to this, but if I hit 25k by the 20th then I'll give it my best shot! I tried doing NaNoWriMo once before and that killed me, but I enjoy worldbuilding much more than writing a novel, so let's see what happens!
Personal Goals
  • Flesh out E.Lite content - The main focus of my worldbuilding during this challenge will be to get all the content I need ready for making Melior a playable setting using the Ethnis Lite RPG toolset
  • No messy worldbuilding - I'm going to religiously check back on my world's meta section so that I can keep all of my worldbuilding aligned to the genre, tone, scope, and recurring themes. There will be a lot of checking and editing back and forth to make sure that all of the articles are connected!
  • Community engagement - what goes around comes around! I'll be returning the likes, follows, and comments on all of the amazing worldbuilding that inspires me!

Planned Articles

These are the article ideas I have planned for Melior during WorldEmber 2020! A lot of them will be to flesh out content to make this world playable as an Ethnis Lite setting and will focus on a specific region defined by the scope in my world's meta section (read it here)!   I plan to get as many of these done as possible during WorldEmber, but any that are left over I will work on in the new year!  




I've learnt from last year and have prepared my maps for WorldEmber in advance (as they don't count towards any wordcount)!   I have reflected back on the details in my world meta page and have kept my focus to worldbuilding within The Isles of Orlend. I have created a region map within this for the County of Woldshire, of which you can click a level further to explore the City of Bradstowe (wanna go deeper? explore the Abbey or a typical House)!   I have populated these interactive maps with empty pins for locations that I can fill out during the month, and have added clickable labels to help you navigate between the maps (and back again).   Check it out here!  
County of Woldshire
  I design my maps in Photoshop :D it's a lot of fun but the best part is naming all the placenames!  

Where would you explore first on my map?
I'm just here for WorldEmber
— TJ

Character Art Prep

I've been preparing characters, species and poses using HeroForge! As per their terms of service, I'll be using them non-commercially to represent characters and species in my world until I have time to sit down & do proper concept art for them! So far I've made the header images, but there are some great standalone models as well that I'm looking forward to using! I LOVE HEROFORGE omg I could spend all day using this amazing tool #notsponsoredbutwillingtobe  

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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8 Nov, 2020 15:40

What I'm looking forward to reading about the most are web-rot and riftcheese! That probably says a lot about me as a person. XD   I love all your ideas! I'm excited to see what WorldEmber brings! :)

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
8 Nov, 2020 15:45

Thanks so much! :D

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
8 Nov, 2020 16:36

Wow, that's a lot of ideas, I wish you the best of luck to turn all those worldly embers into an inferno, which lights up the whole well as half the town :D   Also, I am looking very much forward to your species articles, as well as the "Notes on Polyphyletic Procreation" and the "Forbidden Tomes" ^_^

Author of Cenorad ; a bleak-dark sandbox of creativity.
11 Nov, 2020 08:53

Thank you! I'm going to have a lot of fun with these :D

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
10 Nov, 2020 19:49

OMG! This article is amazing. I hadn't thought to make a document like this. Would you mind if I steal this idea? I need to put my ideas for World Ember into some kind of order.   I can't wait to see what you do with your Ethnicity and Condition articles. Those are two areas I'm having issues coming up with ideas, so looking at others' articles always spark ideas for myself.   Kat

11 Nov, 2020 08:53

Go for it!! :D   Yeah it will be great to see what other folks are doing, this community is a huge inspiration for me!

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
11 Nov, 2020 09:40

I can't wait to see what you produce during World Ember!   The ideas that stood out the most to me were the Orlendian Riddles, the Hurdy Gurdy Hero but also the 50 Great Coastal Walks - a particular favourite as the tourism feel of it just adds an element of real world to it.   May your forges forever burn bright!

11 Nov, 2020 11:55

Thank you!

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
22 Nov, 2020 12:26

Okay, I am in LOVE with your maps! And the fact you can see inside a typical house and the abbey!! Such a good idea and one I may have to give a try myself >.>

22 Nov, 2020 23:45

Send me a link when you do :D I wanna see!

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Nov, 2020 19:30

I love this. It's inspiring me to create something like this for my own WorldEmber goals, though I'm not sure where to start. That rollable table is excellent. I'm a bit intimidated of trying to create one myself, since I don't typically use the RPG parts of WA, but I think I'm going to have to give it a try.   As for your question "What are you looking forward to reading about most?" I couldn't decide, so I rolled the dice/table and got "Strongarm."

12 Nov, 2020 20:29

Awesome! Best of luck for WorldEmber :D I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
17 Nov, 2020 16:42

Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to WorldEmber. Good luck with your goals too!

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by Lethann Aeda

Costuming Challenge Article: Divine Vestments
17 Nov, 2020 18:33


Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
21 Nov, 2020 21:17

Homework done already. Showoff. ;p   I can't even pick out a part I like best; it's like being a little kid in FAO Schwartz -- or Didi in Dexter's lab (just with fewer explosions). So excited to tune in and see what happens heeeeere! =D

21 Nov, 2020 21:19

Thanks so much! daamn I miss Dexter's Laboratory haha

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
21 Nov, 2020 21:45


Sage J. I. Rogers
J. I. Rogers
22 Nov, 2020 07:32

Brilliant. I aspire.

22 Nov, 2020 09:13

Thank you!! Good luck in your WorldEmber progress this year :D

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
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