World Embers

Mt.Darvus has been erupting for nine years now, since its initial explosion on Thirday, 10th of Fireturn 555 3A. It’s vile plume of black grey ash spews forth into the sky and falls down across the land in unending gloom.   On the night of the eruption, from miles around you could see the ominous black plume rising with the geyser of fire. More shockingly though was the bright green and purple arcane lightning that stormed through the smoke for a solid five days.   Scholars all across Jolundria are puzzled as to how, but they are certain that the start of this eruption is what caused arcane rifts to start appearing all across Melior: the beginning of the invasion of deformed & twisted riftbeings on the lands.   Now that the worst of the eruptions have died down a little, scientists have ventured towards ruined settlements that were damaged by the disaster. In the town of Clement, thousands of fresh waystones were found littered across the streets. These must have formed from the ligthning and then been thrown down from the peak.   What caused more curiosity were the rocks that still looked like glowing embers, even nine years since they fell. These small pebbles and fist sized rocks have come to be known as World Embers, believed to have been spewed forth from the belly of Melior itslef.   Until further studies have been carried out on these fiercely hot glowing rocks, they have been utilised as a seemingly permanent heat source to put in fireplaces or campsites to cook over and keep warm around.   The world embers are dangerous to transport, and only a skilled blacksmith has the tools and equipment available to move such a hot material. It’s not recommended to cook things directly on the rock, as anything it touches burns instantly.

Cover image: by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash


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