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Melior Latest Update:

Melior Latest Update - 1st July 2019

The Summer Camp worldbuilding challenge begins! You'll be able to find all of my progress HERE!
Don't forget to click on the puffins for some free behind the scenes content!
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Summer Camp Preparations

I am learning from my mistakes of previous challenges and will be preparing my world for Summer Camp 2019!   My S.M.A.R.T goal is to create and publish the following items before 1st July 2019:
(Link = done, no link = still left to do)

Coming next!

Melior public trello
Click the image above to explore my public Trello board for Melior! I update this regularly to plan out my worldbuilding! If you have a Trello account, you can also 'watch' cards to get notifications on them, or leave comments if you want to give some input!  

Behind The Scenes Content

The name Melior is derived from the word ameliorate, which means to make or become better. It's a core theme of this setting, but also a personal goal of mine to put 110% effort and creativity into this world for you to explore.  

Where to find it

There's so much work that happens behind the scenes! From planning article layouts, plotting timelines, drawing maps and creating artwork - I have a lot to share with you if you want to see some bonus features.

Free for everyone
There's a lot of work that you can see me tinkering on already!
  • On the blog - tutorials, reviews and progress reports on my worldbuilding
  • On the Discord - sneak peeks, discussions and feedback on what's coming soon
  • On Twitter - tiny teasers of what I'm working on each day
  • Right here - over in the sidebar to the right of this page! I'll be updating this section every month with the latest goings on!

Exclusive content
  • Patreon perks - subscriber access to the world, unveiling secret bonus content and private articles
  • Be a GOD - the first 10 patrons (of any tier) on my Patreon will get their own characters as part of a pantheon in the world!
  • Discord previews - I often work on my articles privately to start with, but close friends will get a sneak peek
  • Ko-fi - buy me a coffee and fire a worldbuilding prompt at me! I'll answer it with brand new lore in the world!

Monthly Log

Here's where I will be posting monthly updates on how this project is going! To avoid the clutter I'll be using spoiler buttons, just click them to expand or close each one!  
January 2019

January 2019

Very little happened during this month. I had an inkling of an idea for a new project, but was suffering heavy burnout from WorldEmber the previous month.   I set myself some New Year's resolutions to take my time with worldbuilding and put more effort into my craft, then later I started to ponder on my inspirations behind this world and made a visual mood board to gather my findings. You can take a look on the Pinterest board here!
February 2019

February 2019

After launching my blog, I designed a map of my setting: The Isles of Orlend. I wrote about the creation process (read here) and took more time into researching toponymy and the meanings behind place names. I was itching to get started on the world, but first I went back to basics and re-watched all of the tutorials I could from World Anvil and Guy the Great GM to have some fresh ideas in my mind.   I made a very loose timeline of events in a Trello board to drag and drop ideas around ready for fleshing it out here later. I told my friends about my new world and they rolled their eyes at me. They've lost count of how many I have started. That's ok though, this has inspired me to prove them wrong and stick with it!
March 2019

March 2019

This month I worked super hard on the snazzy CSS Theme for this world. I polished up the landing page, Introduction to Melior article and participated in the World Anvil 'Death of a Legend' challenge with my entry: St. Ansell!   Work has been keeping me very busy lately, so next month I will focus on setting aside more time to work on my worldbuilding.
April 2019

April 2019

Holy. Mother. Of. Content.
This month I signed up for #The100DayProject, where every single day I work on worldbuilding. The challenge will take me into the begninning of July 2019, so to pace myself I have created 25 new articles this month, and will be revising them each day to bring them up to polished quality content.   Next month I will be introducing a character that will help with narration of the world of Melior, and the stories within. Stay tuned!
May 2019

May 2019

The burnout has been real this month. I failed The100DayProject, you can read about what happened here (and what I learnt from it). I've brushed myself off, and Melior now has a fresh lick of paint and a sexy new stylized world map! The logo has been refined, and I now have a palette of 32 colours to play with!   I'm going to spend next month laying down groundwork in preparation for Summer Camp!
June 2019

June 2019

I GOT A BUNCH OF STUFF DONE! Lots of article tidying up, I introduced the Rakuwa to the world and prepped like a boss for Summer Camp. The pixel art returns! Now in 64 colours! I'm feeling really enthusiastic about this world and am looking forward to the following months ahead.
July 2019

July 2019

Coming Soon! Check back at the end of the month!
If you want to know what I'm working on right now, just ask me on Twitter or Discord! I'd love to have a chat!   Equally, if there's something that you would like know more about in the world of Melior, write your thoughts in the comments below!
  • 25th February 2019

    It starts.
    Discovery, Scientific

    Unsatisfied with my sporadic, scattered worldbuilding, and burnout from WorldEmber - I was ready for a fresh start. One point of focus. One last world to work on. This is where my world began.

  • 1st March 2019

    Melior created on WorldAnvil
    Life, Birth

    I set up the framework for the world, added the categories, brief timelines and a first draft of a world vignette. The first CSS theme of this world was very dark, and I hadn't wrapped my head around how this world was going to look or feel at this stage.   Check out the old photos on my blog!

  • 9th May 2019

    Failed #The100DayProject
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    At the beginning of April I began 100 consecutive days of worldbuilding in Melior. It was fantastic to start with, but soon lead to severe burnout because I didn't establish a S.M.A.R.T. goal.   I learnt a lot from this experiement and wrote about it on my blog. It gave me a chance to reflect on my world so far and I stopped "doing for the sake of doing" and started putting work into topics that I really enjoyed writing about.

  • 2nd June 2019

    Preparing for Summer Camp
    Technological achievement

    I updated Melior with a fresh, bright CSS theme, created a stylized world map and started my preparations for Summer Camp. Time to lay the groundwork for the world ready to reignite my worldbuilding!


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4 Jun, 2019 15:06

Goodness TJ, I'm such a huge fan.   I'm going over this page, your new look, shaking my head at the CSS---cause I have thoughts to do things on my own site and then I see things like this... It makes me excited and nearly depressed at the same time, LOL.   The theme and branding of your world? Never seen better when it comes to that harmony. Wow.   ....I'm GONNA find you and eventually ask questions!

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