The Unspoken Game

A once popular storytelling game played with dice, now outlawed in The Isles of Orlend.

The Unspoken Game was once a fun little adventure game played with dice and storytelling, based on an existing popular game in The Isles of Orlend.   This game started with good intentions and was designed to be played by people of all ages, classes and backgrounds. Heated discussions soon arose and the game ultimately divided many communities due to the culture surrounding it. A cult had started to develop, and was swiftly stamped out by The Divine Order due to the physical and political fights surrounding the game. It became outlawed and is now only known as The Unspoken Game.   Some groups still gather in secret to play this game, but they must be mindful of being caught or dicussing their chaotic games or they will be prosecuted.   Instead, Orlendians are encouraged to play number games or card games that follow very clear rules and guidelines for play.

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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