The Admiration of Thieves

An observation on respect of pickpockets in comparison to pirate captains of legend.

A watcher's report of his observations on notoriety in Orlend. From the research archives of The Originator's Order.

An interesting occurrence has been observed in the streets of Bradstowe as of late - thieves (including pirates) have been perceived differently by various classes depending on their notoriety.   Petty pickpockets are despised by the middle and upper classes, but a lower class citizen may in fact hold them in fair regard, claiming that the thief earned their takings by outwitting the victim of their crime, and that the target had enough coin to lose that it would not affect them greatly.   In contrast, the tales of great art heists, bank robberies or famous pirate captains are highly regarded by even the upper class nobles of The Isles of Orlend. It would seem that the more infamy a criminal has, the more they are admired by the masses and become the talk of the town.  

Cover image: art title by TJ Trewin


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