The Abbey

Home of The Originator's Order, Bradstowe Abbey is the largest in Orlend.

  The Abbey is the home of The Originator's Order in the heart of Bradstowe. It is from here that thousands of Orlendians practise the Teachings of The Architect to live an orderly life.  

Orlendians believe that The Architect designed the world, and everything in it. Every living thing has a blueprint that has detailed plans of how their lives will unfold. Regardless of if your life goes well or poorly, it is all part of The Architect's grand design.

Tenets of Order

  1. Break not your word.
  2. Break not your vigilance.
  3. Break not the honour upon you.
  4. Break not your oath to live a life of order.
  5. Break not the order of sleep, as the sun rises and sets.
  6. Break not the buildings of The Architect's children.
  7. Break not your fast til the sun has risen.
  8. Break not the bones of any being.
  9. Break not the laws of the land.
  10. Break not the heart.

Events & Ceremonies

Many events and ceremonies take place in the Abbey throughout the year. Regular sermons are held on the first day of the week, with importance being placed on the first day of the month, so that the teachings can guide the rest of your month to be as orderly and smooth flowing as possible.   Many weddings and funeral services are held within the Abbey, too, with huge attendance for upper class and weddings of the nobility.  

Designed by
Sir Bartram Martel
Alternative Names
Bradstowe Abbey
Parent Location
Owning Organization
The Originator's Order

Rooms & Areas

a place for the care of those who are ill   Pulpit
a raised enclosed platform in a church or chapel from which the preacher delivers a sermon   Cloister
a covered walkway with an open space in the centre   Kitchen
the place where food is prepared   Frater
a dining area   Lodging
temporary accommodation for guests   Dorter
Dormitory / sleeping quarters   Parlour
a room for receiving guests   Chapter House
a building used for the meetings   Security
a room for guardsmen, with secure holdings in case of trouble   Transept
either of the two parts forming the arms of the cross shape, projecting at right angles from the nave   Chapel
a part of a large church or cathedral with its own altar and dedication   Presbytery
The eastern part of a church chancel beyond the choir; the sanctuary   Nave
the central part of a church building, intended to accommodate most of the congregation   Choir
the part of a cathedral or large church between the high altar and the nave, used by the choir and clergy

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