Teachings of The Architect

The religious tenets followed by The Originator's Order.

The teachings of The Architect are studied throughout The Isles of Orlend as the state religion of The Originator's Order guides people in their daily life.   Orlendians believe that The Architect designed the world, and everything in it. Every living thing has a blueprint that has detailed plans that The Architect has layed out. If your life goes well, or poorly, it is all part of The Architect's grand design.   The teachings are, for the most part, a guide on how to live an orderly and structured life.  


  1. Break not your word.
  2. Break not your vigilance.
  3. Break not the honour upon you.
  4. Break not your oath to live a life of order.
  5. Break not the order of sleep, as the sun rises and sets.
  6. Break not the buildings of The Architect's children.
  7. Break not your fast til the sun has risen.
  8. Break not the bones of any being.
  9. Break not the laws of the land.
  10. Break not the heart.

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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