The Great Puffin Hunt

This is a meta article! Learn about The Great Puffin Hunt to find some free behind the scenes content of Melior during Summer Camp 2019!
During July 2019 I'll be taking part in World Anvil's Summer Camp challenge! As I answer the prompts I will be exploring the tropical Iji Islands, home to many crabfolk known as Rakuwa. These islanders care for the many puffins that inhabit the coastal landscape here, and have even taught some of them to speak! The trouble is, these puffins have a habit of waddling into places they don't belong in search of easy food scraps.   Help find each puffin on every article in Melior during summer camp to unlock some bonus content!*
*Wayfarers of Melior supporting the project on Patreon already have access!
Here's what to look out for:
(Hover your mouse over the puffin for the password! Click to access the content.)   Some will be easy to find, but others might be a little more mischeivous and try to hide from you!
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They can hide in spoilers like this one, too!


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23 Jun, 2019 18:11

Your aesthetics are more impressive with each new development! I love this.

24 Jun, 2019 02:48

This is a really clever concept, great for reader engagement.

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