Rex Mouhsa

Rex Mouhsa was an ancient ruler of Porosa. Their grand resting place, Mouhsa’s Tomb, was the greatest archeological discovery in Porosa during the end of The Second Age - the tomb itself dates back to The Dark Age and contained many artefacts that are now kept safely in museums across the continent.   Mouhsa's ceremonial coffin remains unopened to this day and is currently on display in the capital city's museum. The wooden coffin is designed like many other Rex coffins, and has five layers to it (like a box within a box within a box). Each layer of the coffin protects the body from decay so that it remains whole for the afterlife (or in tact enough for resurrection), and is painted and engraved with stories of the Rex's life and achievements, starting with the youngest memories on the innermost box and the achievements of later years on the outermost box.


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