How to play Ethnis Lite RPG in Melior

(Work in progress article, check back later!)  

1. Fit in with some folks

Folks are the name for races or sophonts in the world of Melior. They have lots of physical differences but do not have exclusive racial bonuses, as each individual can have talents, abilities and disabilities in different areas of their lives.


2. Discover your homelands

There are many regions (or provenances) in the world of Melior to explore. Choosing your homeland will give you some local customs, ancient history and knowledge of the nearby territories.


3. Join a company

Companies are the guilds/banners of the world of Melior. They provide services, skills, opportunities, adventuires, and companions for life!


4. Flaunt your lifestyle

Lifestyles are the classes or mantles in the world of Melior.

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5. Showcase your skills

Skills are skills yo its what you can doooo.

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