Luck and Numbers

Orlendian obsession with lucky even numbers and unlucky odd numbers.

Orlendians are incredibly superstitious when it comes to numbers. Due to their upbringing in The Isles, where The Originator's Order is the state religion, even numbers are considered orderly and lucky as they are divisible. This obsession with numbers is so deeply rooted in their culture that it largely goes unnoticed, and they will subconsciously avoid things with odd numbers, or add an extra to even them out.  

Even Numbers Odd Numbers
Even numbers are considered to be lucky as they are orderly, evenly divisible and are a common occurance. Odd numbers are considered to be unlucky and chaotic, particularly if they are not evenly divisible.
Twins are lucky, each types of dice has an even number of sides, and so does a coin. We have symmetrical body parts that allow us to live and breathe. An ideal family consists of two parents and an even number of children. To be an only child is unlucky, losing a limb or causing an imbalance in the natural order of the body brings ill luck, too. Many things in life will not function in an orderly manner without their counterpart.
Items are often purchased or sold in even amounts. Birthdays are loudly celebrated if the number is even. Only chaotic minds care not for the luck of numbers. People have quiet or uncelebrated birthdays on their odd numbered years.
  The luckiest number in The Isles of Orlend is 10, as it is used in the Orlendian counting system, calendar, currency and many other aspects of daily life.   Lower class citizens frequently debate on the topic of family size. Some argue that two parents and eight children make the lucky family number of ten, others argue that having ten children is more auspicious.

1 is vulnerable, near to extinct
2 are together, happy and linked
3 is a crowd, unbalanced and awkward
4 are the strongest, just like the corners
5 become deadly, hostile and threatening
6 are your friends, open and welcoming
7 mark the limits of folding and pressure
8 are the points of the compass and weather
9 signs of pain inflict the ones who have fallen
10 is the most wholesome number of all
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An exhilarating, dangerous, and illegal sport.


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@ Shadow Malachi
Robert Kane
2 May, 2019 02:14

What happens if a family has an odd number of children. For example, they have three children or 7 children?. Has a family ever taken an extreme measure to get back to an even number?. overall a interesting article!

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