Lost Library of Inspinia

A library lost to fire during the cataclysmic events of The Rupture.

Inspinia was once the grandest library in Devonia, Anvil. All of the hundreds of years worth of carefully-curated knowledge it contained tragically went up in flames during the cataclysmic events of The Rupture fifty years ago.   The black skeletal structure was clearly unsafe to enter, and as only rubble and ash remained inside it was closed off to the public. The surrounding grounds were gated off too, for fear of the structure collapsing completely. The structure was never demolished as it was the chosen resting place of Empress Sabrina Severin who wished to not only be buried among her favourite books, but also wished for mourning subjects to come to the great library to learn from the past.

Cover image: Generated using Midjourney (unedited) by TJ Trewin


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