Imagination Magic

Imagination is magic. It's literally in the name. Look at it! "i-magi-nation".   Everyone has some level of imagination.   Imagination comes from The Drealm, the place we go when we're not paying attention, or where we enter fully as we sleep. You can achieve anything in this realm, anything you can think: you can do.   This source of magic is the key to success behind the greatest minds in The Isles of Orlend, the inventors, the artists, the explorers, even the humble sailors. If you don't have imagination, you don't have power - you're a slave to society just bumbling along.   Cults of artists are experimenting out of sight in secret clubs on how to tap into The Drealm at will by sampling hallucinogenic mushrooms like Laughing Jim, and are developing methods of lucid dreaming so that they can explore concepts in this surreal environment before trying it in the real world.  


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15 Apr, 2019 21:05

I love the magi pun!

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