The angry fire octopus who just wants to keep things peaceful and tidy.

Gurita is the deity of The Iji Islands and resides at the heart of an active volcano. The religion of Guritism stems from the belief that if you do not follow Gurita's eight tenets (one for every molten tentacle), you will be smited with fire and ash for your sins.   Legend says that when Gurita is upset, tears can be found on the volcanic slopes. These small shiny black rocks (called Gurita's Tears) are actually Dukori, but Guris collect these sacred pebbles and craft them into religious pendants, prayer beads, and keepsakes.   Gurita can be seen during volcanic activity in the isles, and will flare out its firey tentacles from the mouth of the volcano. It is common to see one or two limbs thrashing above the crater; to see up to four is a very bad omen, and to see all eight is a sign of the end times.   Dedicated Guris will make the pilgrimage up the slopes of the active volcano, either in self punishment for breaking the tenets, or for peace offerings to be left as close to the summit as they can reach.  

Aligned Organization
The Iji Islands

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The Iji Islands
Organization | Nov 14, 2019

The Iji Islands are a small cluster of tropical isles home to many Rakuwa.

Organization | Nov 14, 2019

The peace keeping religion of The Iji Islands. The one with the big angry fire octopus deity.


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