Focus Area: Jolundria

(META) Plans & notes for the development of the Jolundrian continent.

World / Focus Area: Jolundria
This is a meta article used for my personal reference - I'm using this to establish boundaries for the current part of my worldbuilding to help me stay focussed!

Focus Area

The current focus area of my worldbuilding is the region of Jolundria.
This huge continent is the focal point of Melior, the all-important centre of the world map, and encompasses a diverse range of climates from the frigid polar Aurus all the way down into the tropics of the Asterean Sea.  

What needs developing

The Places
Countries & flags
  1. Garronay
  2. Isles of Agatal
  3. Karovek
Natural landmarks
  1. Gulf of Garronay
  2. Long Mountains
  3. Coral reef
Capital cities
  1. Fentrus
  2. Ergana
  3. Penny
Cultural sites
  1. big religious monument
  2. natural wonder
  3. site of historical interest
Flora & fauna
  1. Karoveki Black Bull
  2. Eyes of Agatal (flower)
  3. magic fire spice plant
  4. glowfish
  5. Fentrus Zoo
  6. Folks
The People
Cultures & food
  1. Garronayan coffee
  2. Agatalian rum
  3. Karoveki dumplings
  1. Rubber
  2. Glowtech
  3. Grandmarkets of Garronay
  1. Jolundrian warship
  2. The Jolundrian Railroad
  3. Grand Karoveki Travelling Circus
  1. Jolundrian Tolar
  2. Tips
  3. Royal Mint of Garronay
  1. Archery
  2. Water-based sport
  3. Music
The Past
Politics & conflicts
  1. laws & cultural exchange between new folks
  2. laws on the use of magic
  3. defending isles of agatal vs porosa
Impacts of The Rupture
  1. invasive species
  2. Magic
  3. Agnostic
  1. Discoveries That Changed the World
  2. Enchanting
  3. The Garronay Gazette
Religions & faiths
  1. The Grey Nest
  2. Children of the Shepherd
  3. The Originator's Order
Ancient history & myths
  1. Ancient Agatal
  2. Sleeping Long
  3. Mythological object


To avoid going off plan I will keep to the region of Jolundria and develop each section methodically, making sure to connect it up thoroughly and consistently with the rest of my lore.   I will start with 3 core concepts for each of the areas listed above and then assess what I've done before expanding it further or moving on to another focus area.    
Core articles to develop:
Introduction to Melior
Generic article | Mar 30, 2021

Fifty years ago, the world of Melior was forcefully introduced to magic during an apocalyptic invasion. Folks are questioning their old traditions and faiths as they struggle to rebuild amidst the new dangers of everyday life.

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


Author's Notes

"Define a focus area of your worldbuilding project to develop. What's in this area that needs developing? Establish boundaries so you can focus on finishing this area."

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