An Orderly Home

The average cosy dwelling of an Orlendian family living in the heart of Bradstowe.

Life in a typical Orlendian home in Bradstowe is cosy. Some would called it cramped, but I prefer cosy. Most houses this size are in the heart of the city and have limited space with entire families living in them (from the babies to the frail old grandparents).   Most people live in their family homes until they become apprentices in their craft, and homes can stay in the same family line for many generations.  

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  Modernised houses have good pipework and water closets with running water and flushing toilets, but most homes still have an outhouse in the garden that are full of biting insects and bumbling moths.   Despite wishing to live a life of order in accordance to Teachings of The Architect, many homes look incredibly cluttered with mismatched family furuniture that has been upcycled and refurbished over the years. To overcome this, people try to keep their homes as tidy as they can by using symmetry, lucky numbers and symbols of The Originator's Order about the house.  

Daily Routines

Many folks wake up at sunrise and go to bed at sunset, as their life has been with only candles to illuminate the night. However, with the invention of Glow-Jelly lamps, this tradition is becoming less common.

Cleaning Routines

Orlendian homes are kept as clean and tidy as they can be. Surfaces are minimal and have no clutter, and ornaments are kept in cupboards behind glass doors.


Many buildings contain attics, which are rarely accessed and often become secret clutter-hordes in Orlendian homes.


Some houses contain cellars that are used for storing food or wine.

I make my own sanctuary.
A safe place.
A place where I can untense my muscles, stop looking over my shoulder, and sleep.
Blankets upon blankets of squishy warmth. Fortified walls of furniture hide my location from plain view, with cushions padding out my nest up in this stuffy loft space.
Rain hammers a soothing melody on the tiles above, drowning out any skittering sounds that spike my anxiety.
I can draw anything in my hidden journal up here in my sanctuary. I'll draw my dreams before I've dreamt them until I fall asleep.
— from the journal of a chaotic child

The Originator's Order's Guide to an Orderly Home
A tidy mind, a tidy body, a tidy home, a tidy soul.
  1. A thing for everything, and everything in its place.
  2. Barren cupboards feed no stomachs.
  3. Clutter only attracts clutter.
  4. A flame without fresh air will dwindle.
  5. The Architect is ever watchful.
  6. Routine is like a well oiled machine.
  7. Maintain your home before it crumbles.
  8. Create an even balance to the day.
  9. Do your equal share of chores.
  10. Rise and fall as the sun.

Parent Location
Settlement | Jun 8, 2020

The bustling tradeport capital of Orlend.

Cover image: art title by TJ Trewin


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