Chapter VIII: The Missing Hoard

General Summary

Delving into the depths, they find the Lair of Yantith flooded with a kobold cult dedicated to worshipping the dragon. The gritting roar of Tol'ra is heard in the distance as the battle commences...

The tower form of the dragon rises from its thrown of gold coins and treasures as it rears back with lightning forming in its toothy maw. As a blast of lightning echoes through the chambers with its thunderous roar, you know now. It was waiting for you...

After a journey along the mountain line, they are met by Vulka, The Fang, Dirge, and The Brig who have followed Vorn to our heroes' location. They traveled quickly to the split willow and soon find an illusionary entrance into the caverns. Infested by kobolds the fray begins causing a long and bloody battle between the Cult of Yan'tith and the Students and Allies of the Frozen North. They overcome the cult and the dragon's mate, Tol'ra, but not without costs. Thalgron's body lie motionless with the Dirge's not far away, along with Vulka and The Fang being reduced to ash from the powerful breath weapon of the blue dragon. Though they would be victorious, the ending would be bitter-sweet.
Game Session Date
Wednesday the 18th of November
in the 2021st Anno Domini

Report Date
18 Nov 2021

Oryth Date
Sondis the 9th - Psydis the 11th Days of Boccbis
in the 541st Year of Rebirth

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